Cebu, Philippines – In a momentous celebration of entrepreneurship and economic excellence, AppleOne Group President and CEO Ray Manigsaca received the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Grand Chamber Awards (GCA) and Fellowship Night hosted annually by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). Manigsaca received the award on November 29 at Marco Polo Cebu, a recognition of AppleOne’s indispensable contribution to the growth and economic development of Cebu and the bigger business community. 

The GCA and Fellowship Night are held to acknowledge exemplary individuals, entrepreneurs, and families, specifically honor those who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their respective business fields while upholding ethical practices reflective of the quintessential Cebuano entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur of the Year award, the pinnacle of recognition, is bestowed upon leaders and catalysts of change who have successfully built and sustained world-class businesses operating for at least ten (10) years. These businesses stand as living proof of visionary leadership, innovation, and contributions to individual lives and economic vibrancy. 

Ray Go Manigsaca emerged as a distinguished recipient, and the reasons for his triumph are deeply rooted in his exceptional journey. As an Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate and visionary leader, Ray, alongside his wife Venus, has transformed AGI into a powerhouse within the construction and real estate development industry. Their disciplined approach, business acumen, and commitment to ethical practices have set them apart. 

Ray’s pivotal role in AppleOne’s success is marked by his ability to turn the once small-scale real estate development company into one of the top property developers in the Visayas region. Under his guidance, AGI has crafted multiple award-winning properties, such as the Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort and Residences, and AppleOne’s mixed-use development, the Mahi Center, reflecting innovation and sustainability. 

The Entrepreneur of the Year award not only recognizes Ray’s achievements but also underscores the significant impact of AppleOne’s contributions to Cebu’s economic landscape. This acknowledgment is a moment of pride for AppleOne and reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the continued growth of Cebu’s business community.