Yes, dear readers.  What you have just read in this blog post title is right!

Apple Greatson Photography is running a promotion on its First Year Anniversary!  Check out its poster below.

This promotion from one of GenSan’s top professional photographers is in celebration of his studio’s first anniversary.  Imagine, he is giving away 20% Discounts to those who will avail of his wedding package!

Apple Greatson is a choice photographer of some of GenSan’s movers and shakers, including Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao, his wife Jinkee and their brood.  He covered most of Pacman’s, his kids’ and mom Dionisia’s birthday celebrations.

He also did the photo coverage of another famous young general’s birthday, Gerald Anderson. [quote1]

But it is actually his fabulous and unique coverages of weddings which made him a household name in GenSan.  Next thing he knew he was being sought after not only in the Tuna Capital but in cities as far as Davao, Cebu and Manila!

Last year, Apple decided to officially go solo and form his very own photography outfit which bears his own name.  This proved to be a smart move because this was when he started to shine at his brightest.  Business improved even more and his name became synonymous with “quality wedding photography“.

Now a year after the birth of his very own studio, Apple Greatson continues to whip out exciting works of art via his photographs of weddings and events .  And with an amazing promotional stunt to drumbeat his milestone,  we here at GenSan News Online Mag are  pretty sure that nobody else can top that!  Promise!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Apple Greatson Photography and to the man behind the famous name!