I should have included this in my predictions for 2012!

Effective March 22, 2012, AirPhil Express will be flying passengers out of the General Santos City International Airport to new destinations Cebu and Iloilo Cities!

According to their official website, the Cebu-GenSan-Cebu and GenSan-Iloilo-GenSan flights of AirPhil Express will be available 3x a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays initially.

Here then are AirPhil Express flight schedules to these new areas:

  • GenSan – Iloilo  (Flight 2P 393):
    • Depart GenSan – 10:10 AM
    • Arrive Iloilo –  11:30 AM
  • Iloilo – GenSan (Flight 2P 394)
    • Depart Iloilo – 12:00 PM
    • Arrive GenSan – 1:20 PM
  • Cebu – GenSan (Flight 2P 389)
    • Depart Cebu –  8:30 AM
    • Arrive GenSan –  9:40 AM
  • GenSan – Cebu (Flight 2P 390)
    • Depart GenSan  –  1:50 AM
    • Arrive GenSan  –   3:00 PM

Currently, only Cebu Pacific services the GenSan-Cebu-GenSan route and with AirPhil Express in the picture, expect the plane rates to go down.

The flights to and from Iloilo City however is exclusively AirPhil Express‘ as of the moment.  Knowing how Cebu Pacific operates, they would not want any competitor to dominate this route for sure.   We can expect them to follow suit right away.

Right now, AirPhil Express which will be using their brand new Airbus 320 is offering a marked-down one way fare of P106o.00 for their new flights to Cebu and Iloilo from General Santos City and vice versa.

So if I were you, I would immediately stop what I am doing and go log on to their website at www.airphilexpress.com and book my future flights.  Am sure, many Ilonggos and Cebuanos here and in the Visayas would be wanting to do just the same.  Go na!

And yes, one more thing!  Boracay is not that far anymore!!!! Yey!