After a string of postponements due to my erratic schedule, I finally found time to visit and try the offerings of my good friends Noel and Sally Santos‘ first dining venture, the AforDabolz Oriental Native Food.

Located along Yumang Street (about 50 meters from Aparente Avenue), at the corner of Delfin Compound, the place has been a hit among passersby, mostly harried workers who are residents of the nearby subdivisions (Sarangani Homes, Lacap Subdivision, Villegas Subdivision, Pacheco Subdivision, among others) who are on the lookout for more than the usual barbecued fare.

For one, they serve TUNA & FISH DISHES TO GO at very affordable prices, since they source it directly from Sta. Maria Processors, Inc..  Second, they have a richly varied menu other than Pinoy food with a touch of Malaysian and Thai influences, also at friendly prices.  This is the very reason why Noel (grandson of Gen. Paulino Santos, founder of the city) thought of the name AforDabolz Oriental Native Food to make it easily stick on the minds of his clients.

Just recently, the back portion of their compound which have been converted into a dining area cum beer garden has been the favorite hangout of barkadas and families who want a dressed-down ambience. There they can stay under a roofed area or go al-fresco with the stars smiling down on them.

In fact, last night, I was there with my high school batchmates (Notre Dame 78) courtesy of Charles Lim who sponsored a get-together for my partner’s birthday on Saturday.   We had the time of our lives not only updating ourselves on each other’s “rakets” and laughing our hearts out, but also partaking some of Noel and Sally’s food bestsellers, pictures of which are posted below.

My high school batchmates (NDDU 78) all satisfied with AforDabolz delicious food

Thanks to Noel and Sally’s daughter, Ann Santos (of ABS-CBN) who took these photos.

Sizzling Spicy Tuna Sisig, made of tuna skin (!), drizzled with generous amounts of onions and green chili, is an AforDabolz exclusive priced at only P70. Tasty, tender to the bite, and healthy pulutan for LIVER LOVERS.

Stuffed Bangus: minced boneless bangus mixed with shredded itlog na maalat (salted egg), dashed with onions and tomatoes, wrapped in foil and steamed to perfection, this one is priced at P130. Coated with mayo, it is one pure drinker’s delight!

The Spicy Bagaybay (Tuna Gonad/reproductive organ) is my favorite. Flavored with Noel’s secret sauce, it doesn’t have that distinctive fishy taste (lansa) and is so tender to the bite that I could swear it easily melted in my mouth. Masarap pang-ulam, and matakaw sa kanin, this one goes for P70 ONLY!!!!

Hoisin Pusit (Squid) is a Malaysian dish cooked in Hoisin Sauce and is for people who prefer their dishes a bit on the sweet side. Still, since it’s from a Southeast Asian Country, it’s also spicy making it even more flavorful. Only at P50 per serving.

Afordabolz’s Honey Glazed Spareribs could give Ranchero’s a run for their money. Totally coated in Noel’s honey mixture, baked to tender-heaven and served with potato chips, this one does not disappoint. You will have to forget about using your utensils though and eat with your bare hands to get each morsel of glazed meat on the bones… never mind if you have to lick the sauce off your fingers. At P220, it’s a steal!

Now, what are you waiting for? Check out Afordabolz Oriental and Native Food at Yumang Street at the corner of Delfin Compound, Purok Malakas, Barangay San Isidro, GenSan.   Or better still, call them at 552-9411 to order your fancied menu in advanced and just let their server hand it to you while parked in front of their place when it’s time to pick it up.

And yes, tell them that Bariles sent you. 😉