When I came out with my first blog post exactly four years ago today under the blog name, Bariles Republic, we adapted the phrase, “An Idiot’s Guide to GenSan” as our official slogan.

It was supposedly a “tongue-in-cheek” description about the blog but some quarters who didn’t have a sense of humor didn’t like it.  Still, I persisted and up to now, I still use it, although sparingly, to describe what is now known as GenSan News Online Mag.

However, now that this blog is celebrating its 4th blogoversary exactly today, November 8, 2011, I feel it is time to come out with something new – a better and more apt slogan to describe GenSantos.com.

And so with that, I am launching the last of my 4th Blogoversary Special Series – the “NAME A SLOGAN FOR GENSANTOS.COM CONTEST!”

Here are the contest rules:

  1. Like our Facebook Fanpage (facebook.com/GenSanNews) which you can access by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Write your entry to the “NAME A SLOGAN FOR GENSANTOS.COM CONTEST” at the Facebook Fan Page via an INDIVIDUAL STATUS UPDATE.
  3. Come back to this page and write this sentence on the RESPONSE BOX below:  “I just wrote my entry at the GenSan News Online Mag Facebook Page.
  4. Deadline for submission of entries is Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11:00pm (11:00pm on 11/11/11).
  5. Winners will be announced on a separate blog post immediately after.
  6. The decision of a set of judges commissioned to rate the entries will be final.
  7. The winning slogan entry will be used by GenSantos.com as its new official slogan thereon.

Here are the prizes:

  • GOLD AWARD – Grand Winning Entry Prizes:

    • ONE  4-gig Flash Drive from MULTIMEDIA TELEPHONY, INC.

    • ONE Gift Certificate worth P1,000 from ROBINSONS PLACE GenSan (may be used in all Robinsons malls nationwide)

    • ONE Starbucks Mug from celebrity/events blogger Morgan Garcera of SuperMorgy.com & One Steve Jobs Commemorative T-shirt from InkPossible Designs & Prints.

  • SILVER AWARDEES – The next top three entries will receive:

    • ONE 4-gig Flash Drive each from MULTIMEDIA TELEPHONY, INC. and ONE Steve Jobs Commemorative T-shirt each from KCC Mall of GenSan and InkPossible Designs & Prints.

  • BRONZE AWARDS – The next top five entries will receive:

    • ONE Gift Certificate worth P300 each from ROBINSONS PLACE GenSan (may be used in all Robinsons malls nationwide) & ONE Steve Jobs Commemorative T-shirt each from KCC Mall of GenSan & InkPossible Designs & Prints.

  • 10 Consolation Prizes (for GenSan-based participants only):

    • ONE Jollibee Gift Certificate from Jollibee RD Plaza and Gaisano branches.

Good luck to everyone and may be the best slogan win!  Thanks to Multimedia Telephony Inc, Robinsons Place GenSan, Jollibee RD Plaza/Gaisano, KCC Mall of GenSan, InkPossible Designs & Prints and SuperMorgy.com.


Nobody from among the seven entries won the Gold and Silver Awards.  I and the rest of the judges feel that no one slogan was able to capture the real essense of GenSan News Online Mag.

We have however chosen two entries as winners of the Bronze Awards.  Here they are:


The rest, names below will be receiving one JOLLIBEE GIFT CERTIFICATE courtesy of Jollibee Gaisano Mall of GenSan.

  • Nanardxz Zee
  • Lito Antoque
  • Sheila Dumalay
  • Rean Mikel Corpuz
  • Rap Ladeza Gregorio

Thank you for joining and hoping for better entries next time.