We do not have words, as generals to express how we feel about XB GenSan Dance Crew’s MAJOR WIN at the Grand Finals of ABS-CBN’s nationwide talent search! (Check out an earlier article about them by CLICKING HERE.)

For taking home the GRAND PRIZE of P1,000,000 and being afforded the rousing and unanimous roars of approval from the thousands of witnesses at the stadium who gave them perfect scores while chanting the word, “GENSAN” over and over again, we could only cry with the boys from Barangay Bula for making us proud.

“Nakakakilabot kayo!”, as what a host Vhong Navarro said.  Very apt. We couldn’t find a better word.

Now watch the video below and relieve the moment when a group of young dancers from the Tuna Capital, who call themselves “XB GenSan” and who lost the first time but came back for revenge, made us weep in amazement and exhiliration and pride.

Thanks to ABS-CBN for the video.

Mabuhay ang XB GenSan!! Mabuhay ang mga kabataang generals!