Loving where you live is, for many, the only option. It is a long and lengthy process to move house on a whim, particularly for people who are financially tied to whatever property that they own. Making your property a home, however, can help you achieve that social mobility. That’s because reinvesting into your home is a great idea, and can help you see greater returns if you ever did choose to sell, allowing you to pay off your mortgage and buy a nicer home.

For now, however, it’s important to focus on what changes you can make to make your property homelier.

what makes a home

Better Storage

Storage is easily one of the greatest challenges with any property. If you don’t have enough space to live, after all, things can get crowded and they can get crowded fast. There are several strategies that you can adopt in order to make more space, however, and should be done in order to give you and your family more space to live.

  1. Spring Clean

Chances are, you don’t need all the things that you own in order to be happy, much less live comfortably. That’s why when it feels like you are drowning in your own belongings it’s time to sort through them. Be very critical, because you might even be able to sell some of the things you own and make a small profit while you are doing it.

To help you with your spring cleaning, try considering when the last time you used an item. If it’s been more than three months, you don’t need it in your life. Unless, of course, the item in question is a seasonal tool, like a winter jacket or a garden hose – in which case you need to consider how often you used it during the last season.

  1. Custom Storage

Large, bulky wardrobes take up space. Custom storage, on the other hand, fills unused or awkward nooks with ample storage, allowing you to put your belongings away in a neat and orderly fashion.

Deep Clean

Once the de-cluttering is done and over with, it’s time to deep clean. Get rid of all the dust, dirt, and grime, and give your home a fresh look. You could repaint the walls, redo the floors, change out the curtains and more. These updates are affordable to do and can help make your home sparkle.


Renovations lead to the greatest returns, and can be the ideal step to take to transform your home, though they can be costly. If you have a good credit score, of course, you have several financing options. You could go to a bank, or you could also consider Prosper Loans, which allows you to borrow money from capital lenders for a lower interest rate. To insure you are making the best decision of course, always read reviews, both on your chosen lending platform and on your contractor.

Making a house a home is a lot of work, but it can be done. This in turn can mean you love the place, or it could at the very least give you a higher return on investment if you then chose to sell. Spruce up your place and you have the options to live your life as you wish.