Soon to hit our cinemas is a one-of-a-kind sexcom romp starring (susmaryosep) video blogger cum social and political activist Mae Paner.

For the first time ever, Mae is bringing her famous alter ego, Juana Change, to the wide screen in a movie named what else but, “JUANA C. THE MOVIE”.

Check out the trailer below.

I first saw Mae personally during a bloggers gathering in Zamboanga City in late 2010 where she spoke on her advocacy for social change through the use of her videos on YouTube.   In them, she plays a generic Filipino character named JUAN CHANGE. who represented either agents for social change or at other instances, the exact opposites.

Apart from being enamored with her being a very effective speaker at that time, I was so impressed on  what she does and how she does it that I invited her to give the same talk to the participants of the Blogfest SoCCSkSargen 2.0 a year later, in November 2011 here in GenSan.

Me, Baries and Orman ( at the Blogfest SoCCSkSarGen 2.0 with THE Mae Paner aka Juana Change. Inspired by her challenge, Orman started dieting and lost 35 kgs 4 months after this photo was taken in November 2011.

Of course, Mae (who was several kilos lighter already) was a hit at the Blogfest and even managed to influence not a few bloggers to “bring about change in themselves before actually pushing for change elsewhere”.  Case in point is blogger, Orman Manansala (, who went on a “Juana Change Challenge” immediately after and lost 35 kgs. in the process after four months.

Meanwhile, Mae continued to produce and star in more short videos after that, picking on national issues such as the RH Bill, the Anti-Epal movement, among others as fodder for her tirades… all which have gone viral over the internet.

Talking to her this noon, in a brief lunch meeting with a few bloggers at the sparklingly new LITTLE BANGKOK at SM City GenSan (before flying back to Manila after visiting Koronadal’s Hinugyaw Festival 2013 the previous night), Mae divulged her reasons for agreeing to do the movie.

juan change, sox bloggers
SoCCSkSargen Bloggers Bebegem, Bariles, Cathy, LITTLE BANGKOK owner Dimples, Ms. Paner aka Juana C, Cidy, Lizy and Nanardxz.

It was her wish to reach out to more people and share her advocacy among the local populace …..  feeling that only a full-length movie could do the trick.

Hence, the film, JUANA C. THE MOVIE.

Juana C The Movie is backed by the formidable group behind the multi-award winning movies, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliverio and Zombadings!.  It is produced by Raymond Lee, penned by Rody Vera and helmed by Jade Castro so you could just imagine how good, effective and entertaining it will be when it gets shown nationwide on April 2013.  And with JUANA CHANGE, according to Raymond, they are out to redefine the NEW SEXY!

Juana Change

With all these people putting the film together, don’t you just wanna see Juana C. The Movie right away?

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