It was raining hard when I arrived at the Queen Tuna Park early Friday morning for the annual Fluvial Procession in honor of the Feast of the Sto. Nino, the patron of the Bula Parish Church.  This event is spearheaded by the city’s fishing magnates who originated from that barangay and is participated by 50 or so sea vessels of all shapes and sizes.

The Fluvial Procession across Sarangani Bay

These boats normally depart from Bula after the 5am Fiesta Mass and is led by a lavishly decorated mother ship which carries with it the image of the Sto. Nino owned by the parish.  They then set sail across Sarangani Bay, passing by the newly expanded GenSan Fishport, up to the marine shipyard of TSP Kimball, to finally make a turn back to the shores of Dadiangas, specifically the Queen Tuna Park.

Despite the downpour that day, about 7 groups of costumed dancers were performing their street dances for the Isda-Isdaan Festival, at the park in front of a set of judges at a makeshift stage which seemed to sway and rock at every strong gust of the wind from Sarangani Bay.  I was afraid that lighting might strike anyone from among them since the beach was an open area, but thank God, that did not happen.

I found a good vantage point at the lifeguard tower where I could see everything around me, the performers from behind, the approaching fluvial parade ahead which was barely visible behind the mist and the throng of worshippers, devotees and curious onlookers waiting for the Sto. Nino and the chance to get a piece of any of the flowers adorning her official vessel.

Here are some of the pictures I shot.  You may click on each photo for a larger view.