I have great news for everyone, especially to all my subscribers!!!!

Bariles Republic has just been rated 8.8 (out of a possible 10) by Blogged, a site which reviews blogs submitted to it and ranks them accordingly by category.

According to the Blogged’s info page:

Blogged.com is all about blog discovery. It’s a place for readers to discover interesting blogs and for authors to discover who their readers are. Blogged goes beyond being a traditional blog directory. We focus on providing tools for bloggers and readers alike. Through our database of over 200,000 blogs, readers can discover and explore new blogs. Through our user community, blog authors and their readers can communicate and interact directly with each other.

Our blogs are reviewed, rated, and categorized by our editors, so you won’t have to experience the frustration of filtering through blogs that are either spam, outdated, or irrelevant. You’ll be able to find quality blogs that you would have unlikely found through a traditional blog search.

Blogged doesn’t require anyone to own a blog to sign up. In fact, most of our tools are geared towards readers. We offer bookmarking, sharing, and feedback functions. Anyone can review and rate a blog and help it rise in the rankings. Blogged is a great place for readers looking to start out their day with a fresh list of unread postings from their favorite blogs.

Blog authors can benefit from knowing how their site is perceived. With easy access to reader comments and ratings, authors may see opinions, suggestions, praises and even criticisms. By being listed on Blogged, owners may increase their traffic and attract more audience to their blogs. Aside from a title, description and rating, screen shots are made available to attract readers.

We’ve gotten some great support so far and hope to continue to grow. Again, welcome and we hope you find the site not only useful, but fun as well.

Our headquarters are located in Southern California.

I submitted Bariles Republic last April 2008 under the category RECREATION/TRAVEL and did not notice until recently that of all the blogs from the Philippines, mine got the highest rating at 8.8! The next blog trails it at 8.5. This is out of 18 blogs on the Recreation Category reviewed by the site owner.

Wow! I must really be doing something good to deserve this! Yipeeeee!!!!!

This is the screenshot of the ratings page. Click on the image for a larger view.