[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood news to all Talk ‘N Text subscribers!

TNT, the country’s largest value brand under Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), has formally launched the country’s latest social media and TV phenomenon, AlDub as its new endorsers.  They will banner TNT Extend, the company’s latest promo that allows subscribers all over the Philippines to extend their existing favorite promo subscriptions for only a mere P5 a day!

tnt extend with aldub

If you have been living under a rock, you need to know that AlDub is the acronym of a fictional couple, composed of actor Alden Richards and YouTube sensation, Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in real life) that was formed in the hit noontime show over GMA-7, Eat Bulaga.  Their daily story, or Kalyeserye, filmed simultaneously on separate locations, has piqued the interest of Filipinos everywhere.  In fact a hashtag containing #AlDub has generated more than 12 million tweets last Saturday!

If AlDub were a real life love couple, then they would be pleased with TNT Extend! As mobile users, both Alden and YayaDub can now have the most affordable way of stretching their bonding moments with each other, with their katropas and family.  If Yaya’s strict and domineering Lola Inidora would allow them to call one another, they can now use TNT Extend and prolong their exchanges, be it through call, or text of mobile internet – all without worrying about promo extension.

What AlDub and of course, TNT subscribers simply have to do is text EXTEND to 4545 to enjoy the promo for another day!


With AlDub being a trending topic for weeks now that will not seem to go away soon, conversations about it can go on and on for several days.  This amazing call and text offers of TNT ultimately give users an outlet to express their feelings about this and other trending topics.  What’s even more amazing is that through TNT Extend, AlDub fans and Filipino talkers can now extend their conversations via call and text.

Even if you just have a measly P5.00, you are given a chance to stretch the duration of the offers you love using, to another day.  And guess what, this is way better than competition with TM allowing you to use this offer for up to 30 times only;  while TNT gives you up to 365 times!  Yes, dearie, you get more when you choose TNT!


The TNT EXTEND PROMO will cost you P5 only to subscribe to selected TNT promotions by texting EXTEND to 4545.


  • UnliTxt Plus 10 Unlitext + 50 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 1 day UTP10 4505
  • Gaan Text 10 Unlitext to all networks valid for 1 day GT10 8855
  • Gaan UnliTxt Plus 15 Unlitext + 30 mins calls for TNT/Smart/ Sun + unli Facebook valid for 1 day GU15 4545
  • UnliTalk 15 Unlicall to TNT/ Smart valid for 1 day T15 4547
  • UnliTxt Plus 15 Unlitext + 10 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 2 day TP15 4545
  • Gaan Text 20 Unlitext to all networks valid for 2 days GT20 4545
  • UnliTxt Plus 20 Unlitext + 30 mins calls to TNT/Smart/ Sun + unli Facebook valid for 2 days TP20 4545
  • Extra 20 Unlitext + 20 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 texts to all networks valid for 3 days U20 4545
  • UnliTxt2All Plus 25 Unlitext to all networks + 25 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun valid for 3 days UA25 4545
  • Gaan UnliTxt Plus 30 Unlitext to all networks + 30 mins calls to TNT/Smart/Sun valid for 3 days GU30 4545

With all these TNT Promos to choose from, and the power to extend their efficacy for another day due to TNT EXTEND, you will never be out of sync with your friends in sharing the latest on AlDub and other trending topics ever.  Promise.

FOR MORE INFO, VISIT https://tntph.com/pages/extend.