As a homeowner, you are likely always looking for ways to improve, remodel, and redesign your home. One of the most popular rooms that homeowners re-design is their kitchen. In 2015 alone, more than $49 billion was spent by Americans on kitchen remodels. The statistics showed that more than 10 million Americans remodeled their kitchens in 2015, and it is a trend that has continued.

If you’re getting ready to remodel and redesign your kitchen this year but you’re having a hard time finding design inspiration that provides you with ideas and direction, then you’re going to want to read on. Here’s a look at some great ways and places that you can find kitchen design inspiration.

3 Great ways to find kitchen design inspiration

Check Home Décor Magazines

One of the best places to start is by flipping through recent copies of home decor and design magazines. These magazines are well-known for their splashy photo spreads and in-depth details about what has been used. Even if you don’t want to copy a room right down to the letter, it can be helpful for inspiration provide you with ideas regarding features, color palettes, and a layout that would work for you.

You can find digital magazines that feature traditional looking, country-style, contemporary and modern kitchens. Of course, you can always put your own unique spin on things and combine elements of various design styles.

Catch Up on the Design Shows

All you have to do is flip on your TV to discover that at any given time of day or day of the week there is a bevy of design-themed shows to choose from. This is a great way to get inspiration and see the room in action if you will. You’ll see how the space is created, the pros to the various features and design elements implemented, and then how the final look flows in the end.

Again, it’s not about copying exactly what you see; rather, it helps you gather information and start to form a clearer picture in your head.

Consult With a Designer

Often people think that they can do it all – come up with a design concept, pick out the materials, and tackle the job on their own. Well, this can certainly be true. In many cases you end up hitting snags, making mistakes that end up costing money and have a kitchen that doesn’t look like what you envisioned in the beginning.

This is exactly why so many people end up hiring a professional kitchen designer. They can help you come up with that initial design by showing you a portfolio of their previous projects, give you some ideas, show you materials, and just basically get the creative juices flowing. They will also have a better understanding of what would work best in your space, within your budget, and with your lifestyle.

Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

When it comes to finding inspiration for the kitchen of your dreams, it can really be found all over the place. From magazines to television shows, to consulting with a professional, and even just by visiting friends and family who have gone through a design project themselves.