Three years ago, GenSan News Online Mag was awarded as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008.

That was less than a year after Bariles started blogging about the ongoings of his hometown, General Santos City.  That distinction was a seal of approval for the blog’s intent to introduce GenSan to the rest of the world and Bariles’ life was never the same again after that.

For 2011, just like what this blog did in 2010, Bariles is coming up with his list for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011.

Without much further ado, here they are:

1.  Eat’s Terrific – this food blog is authored by one of the most prolific bloggers in South Central Mindanao. He has published more than 50 posts already about his food adventures and if you happen to see the person behind it, you would know why he weighs the way he does.  The posts are not too lengthy and in fact are full of photos which could be good guides if ever you are on the lookout for gastronomic destinations in Southern Philippines.

2.  Kikay Much – a blog by GenSan’s best-known fashionista, it is now a source of information not only of the latest fashion trends but on the most modern hair and make-up techniques since she her family owns and manages a chain of salons in Mindanao.  An easy read.

3.  Mother’s Instincts – is written by a young career woman who juggles her job as a government employee and her duties as a mother to two intelligent kids and wife to another blogger.  Her blogging style is at most breezy, engaging and matter-of-factly written.

4. I Am Ariel Lalisan –  an educator who has been blogging since he was a student, Ariel Lalisan writes lyrically making him one of Bariles’ favorite authors.  He has just recently bought his first DLSR camera so expect his newer posts to have beautifully-shot photos.

5.  Pinay Travelogue – This is one of the better blogs to have come out of South Central Mindanao with the blog author’s keen eye for detail on her sojourns whether in or out of the island.  What make it a good read are the exquisite photographs she includes on her posts, taken by her husband, ace photographer Omar Gallinero.

6.  General Joana – is a teacher by profession who dabbles in speech writing and hosting on the side.  You can see her being a wordsmith in her posts which tackles everything about the life of a young happily-wedded Christian woman.  Her happy soul shines through with every single sentence she writes. A good read.

7.  Libotero – is a blog written by a young wanderlust from Cebu.  His travel essays are mixed with funny accounts of his travel within his native island or all throughout the rest of the archipelago.  Engaging, witty, funny.

8. Jinky’s Kitchen World – another food blog this time by a blogger who features the dishes she constantly whips out for her family.  An easy read for those who love kitchen adventures of moms. No, she is not the wife of Congressman Manny Pacquiao. 🙂

9. Bookworm of GenSan – This blog is the best source of must-read books.  The blog author’s recommendations should be in any book lover’s bucket list. Must read!

10. Markable Me – the youngest blogger in the list but one of the most talented.  I love the way he dashes his blog posts with cute graphic characters.  He writes from the viewpoint of a student which makes his blog a fresh read.

Now try visiting these blogs and you will know why Bariles chose them as his Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.  I love you all!

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