Yes, you read it right!

The Google Map Maker Timelapse Video of General Santos City is here!

After two months of exchange of email between me and the gracious guys over at the Google Map Maker Team, which had me asking, nah, literally begging them  for it,  to be used as a resource material for the MapUp activities of our group, GBG-Gen. Santos,  the time-lapse video for General Santos City was finally uploaded on YouTube yesterday, August 14, 2013.

Google Map Maker GenSan Timelapse video

This time-lapse video shows the Satellite Views of General Santos City on Google Maps from 2009 August to 2013 July, exactly four years worth of images in chronological order.  You will see the progression of the Tuna Capital from a barely mapped city in 2009  (when the SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers first had their Mapping Party in December) with just a few named places and roads, to a more updated and detailed mapped cosmopolis as time moves on.

What’s even great about this is the fact that the Google Map Maker team used  as musical background, the Ilokano Song, “Manang Biday“, played by a rondalla ensemble, giving the video a local Pinoy flavor.  Mabuhay!

Here then is the General Santos City Google Map Maker Time-lapse video – a testament to the awesome work and contribution of volunteer mappers from GenSan and the super mappers who started it all four years ago.


Thank you so much Google Map Maker Team for granting our request. Hopefully, this will inspire other people from all over to try Google Map Maker and share their local knowledge of their respective communities, and thus, somehow make a difference.