Gen. Santos City, being located at the Sarangani Bay has plenty of beach resorts for everyone. Enjoying a mostly sunny weather all throughout the year, I and my family could just hie off to the nearest free beach at the Queen Tuna Park or travel 15-30 minutes to any of the the well-maintained resorts along the bay.

There are times however when I do not have the feel for salty sea water which makes my body feel sticky after a swim. So what I do instead, is go to this little known natural springs resort at the farthermost end of the Nuñez Street at Purok Malakas called Meljois Spring Resort.

Meljois, which lies just beside the Silway River (picture below) has actually been around since the 60s when it was then known as “MATEO SPRINGS.”

Silway River

I remember being brought there along with my siblings by our parents during their Lion’s Club or Knights of Columbus chapters’ outings. What I couldn’t forget is that I nearly drowned in the adult pool when I drifted into the deeper end. I almost even brought my childhood friend, Michael Elma to the bottom with me when I tried clinging on to him for help. Good thing that his father, now retired Judge Armi Elma jumped into the pool and rescued us, one in each arm. Boy! That was really a scare. That experience forced me to learn swimming afterwards.

When the beaches along Sarangani Bay became more accessible bringing with it the establishment of a good number of resorts, the natural springs resorts slowly lost their luster. I even forgot all about Mateo Springs and thought that it has closed down already.

It was such a pleasant surprise then that this little known Meljois located at the upper suburbs of GenSan is actually the “Mateo Spring” of my youth.

Swimming at Meljois is only half the fun, however. The other half is trying not to lose your way when going there and enjoying your rustic surroundings.

First you have to travel through a dirt road portion of Nuñez Street after turning left from Mabuhay Road. When you seem to have reached the end, you will see this sign:

Meljoi's Signage

This is when you turn left to this small road sandwiched by a wooded area:

Road to Meljois

… which turns into an even smaller bend…

Road to Meljois

By this time, am sure you will be amazed by the sight of greenery all around you and even more so when you pass by a cornfield straight out of a setting of either “Field of Dreams” or “Jeepers Creepers” (your pick)…

Corn Field to Meljois

Finally, you turn left again down into a winding sandy road…

Sandy Road

.. which does not prepare you to this inviting sight of Meljois Natural Springs Resort….

Meljois Springs

… and its cool, crystal-clear potable springs water…


Ahhh… nothing really beats the refreshing and invigorating waters of Meljois pools during summer. No stinging eyes due to chlorine or sea water and the lesser chances of sunburn on your face or back due to the presence of trees around the pool offering comforting shades to swimmers.

And the rates are soooo cheap too. Meljois Spring Resort charges P35 per person and P150 per cottage ONLY. They are open 24/7.

To get to Meljois from downtown Gensan, take a Mabuhay Road jeep from the waiting shed fronting Sydney Hotel. Go down at the corner of Nuñez Street. Choose any of the single motorcycles (or habal-habal) and haggle your fee with the driver for the trip to Meljois. If he says P15, go!!!! Hop on and hang on for dear life… but while you’re at it, enjoy the scenery.