Are you the adventurous, sporty, daredevil type?  Do you like taking challenges head on?  Can you work harmoniously with another person in hurdling obstacles together? Would you both dare, share and live more?  Can you LIVE IT ALL OUT?

If your answers to all that is, YES, Then you and your partner, of the opposite sex might be what SMART is looking for, as part of their participation at the 2013 Tuna Festival!


Welcome to the SMART All-Out-Race happening on Saturday, September 7, 2013, starting at the Oval Plaza Stage Area at 12noon to 1:30pm.


The SMART All Out Race at the Tuna Festival involves 30 teams composed of 2 members each. The goal is to go to different daring challenges near Oval Plaza and accomplish various challenges in the fastest time possible. SMART is targeting a total of 10 challenges.

In this light, SMART is inviting members of the local media and SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers to participate in this event. The race will involve teams of two (male & female).  The applicants will then be screened and will be subjected to a physical examination on September 2, 2013 at the Beestop, located at Oval Plaza, Roxas Ave, General Santos City.

The winning pair will each receive a brand new iPhone 5. The organization which the winning pair represents will also receive a cash prize of P5, 000.00.

Interested bloggers and media personnel may direct their questions to Sarah Borcena (0920 969 9512), Gilbert Benitez (0920 969 8252) or FireWire local representative, Jhune Phil L. Florida (0919-964-1889).

Go, go SoCCSkSarGen Bloggers, let’s show SMART that we can dare, share and live more better than the rest!!!  Good luck and Happy Tuna Festival.