As it opens on August 10 in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, SM City General Santos brings you a consumer-safe and hygienic food retail service with SM Supermarket. For 27 years, SM Supermarket provides consumers with quality products processed and treated with utmost concern for food safety.

Aside from the usual sanitary practices such as the use of gloves and tongs in handling fresh products and the strict implementation of proper grooming for employees, SM Supermarket is committed to a process called cold chain.

What is cold chain?

Cold chain involves the exposure of the perishable goods like meat, poultry, fish, and even vegetables to a constant low temperature starting from their harvest all the way to their display in grocery stores. This process preserves the shelf life and prevents the thriving of bacteria.

For 27 years, SM Supermarket has been providing consumers with quality products treated with utmost concern for food safety.

SM Supermarket makes sure that their products are sourced from suppliers which employ cold chain. Their meat products, in particular, are certified by the National Meat Inspection Service. The supermarket then continues to adhere to the process for the storage of the products, storing them in state-of-the-art freezers and refrigerators to keep them fresh and safe for consumption.

The process of cold chain never stops until goods are purchased. In the vegetable and fruit section of SM Supermarket, items are constantly subjected to cold temperatures while on display. Meat products are kept on glass cases to prevent contamination, while fish products are iced and some are even alive and kept in aquariums.

Added safety features

There are “sneeze guard” glass panels that keep fresh items safe and prevent them from being exposed to bacteria or virus as shoppers go around checking the items out.

Sneeze guard glass panels protect food from bacteria.

Also, SM Supermarket uses humidifiers for vegetables and seafood to trap moisture and prevent dehydration to keep them fresh longer.

Furthermore, tongs, gloves and plastic bags are provided to assist shoppers in choosing and handling fresh items while store personnel are required to wear aprons, masks and hairnets at their respective stations.

Humidifier keeps vegetables moist and fresh.

Freshness delivered to every home

By adhering to cold chain and maintaining freshness of products from source to storage and display, SM Supermarket delivers to every home only the freshest foods families can enjoy.