Even before the old Dunkin Donuts building along Santiago Boulevard finally closed shop to transfer right across the street (read story here), the fencing of the six-hectare lot of the future SM City GenSan already commenced.

Yes, as a clear manifestation of the start of the construction of their multi-million mall, workers of a construction company hired to level the site started fencing it with thick blue galvanized iron sheet.

In no time at all, the whole perimeter of the future SM GenSan lot straddling the corner of San Miguel Street and Santiago Boulevard was eventually secured by the attractive blue fence.

Bariles was able to go inside the huge property and noticed large cranes inside.

According to his good friend, Architect Michael Ang, “A pile-driving activity is ongoing setting the initial steps in laying the foundation work of SM City GenSan“.

By the way, Architect Michael also cleared out the confusion about SM City GenSan’s number of floors.  The future mall will definitely have THREE FLOORS.

The 3rd floor however will not cover the entire building but just a portion of it to house future Call Centers or other Business Process Outsourcing companies.

Thank you for this valuable info Mike.

Michael Ang is the local consultant of Jose Siao Ling and Associates, the architect of SM City GenSan.  He was with them when they presented SM City GenSan’s plans and perspectives to Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio a few weeks back.

And so, with that clarification from Michael, most of Bariles’ friends at Skyscraper City can now rest easy.  🙂