To all the readers of Bariles Republic, I would like to pose this question:  Where in General Santos City can one find a restaurant cum folk house, a sports bar and more than 5 badminton courts all under one roof?

If you have not been living under a rock for the past 12 months, then you might know that the answer is found at the NCCC Compound along the GenSan National Highway.

There, occupying an old warehouse are 6’Blings Ostrich Bar and Restaurant, San Migs Sports Bar, and Mr. Big Shot Indoor Badminton Court.

Owned by entrepreneur par excellance Thomas “Bebot” Haw, this all-in-one entertainment and fitness complex never runs out of gimmicks and promotions since it was established a few years back.  Now managed by eldest daughter Sandra May, it is already one of the city’s must-visit destinations.

Six’Blings is actually named after Bebot and wife Meme‘s children aside from Sandra May.  These are Sabrina Augustine (to whom he also named a audio recording studio), Stephanie Vannie, Steven Thomas, Sophia Shalom, and Spencer Thomas.

Always the astute businessman, Bebot (who is the Tuna Festival Director) is the first to offer ostrich dishes in GenSan.  And as an extra treat to his young clients, he also has opened an ostrich petting farm right at the NCCC Compound too.

The humungous Galante Ostrich Burger.

One of the more famous concoctions that Six’Blings has come up with is the DILIKAGUAPO, a healthy appetizer made up of sliced green guavas, pomelo and friend dilis.  Ever since the time that Bariles has tried it, he never fails to recommend it to friends and visitors he brings there.

Dilikaguapo, a combination of dilis, guava, pomelo.

And as a throwback to the days when he was still into the exciting world of commercial tuna fishing in General Santos, Bebot  whipped up another dish, which he calls PAKURA (local term for  Fish Aggregative Device), a boat-shaped plate stuffed with all sorts of grilled and friend fish, chicken, pork and veggies, salads, etc.

6’Bling’s PAKURA

Now with Sandra May at the helm of his entertainment and dining complex, Bebot has again come up with another winner, his witty-named Haw’s of Lechon ni Mang Thomas, located at Barangay Lagao.

With the establishment of this lechon house, the father and daughter team came up with the KADABARKADATEN, which at P3,499.00 is a package which includes a Rellenong Bakten d’Leche (roasted suckling piglet), 10 ice-cold beer, Sizzling ostrich sisig, stuffed nitibong manok, kinilaw, Dilikaguapo and steamed rice.

This amazing and generous treat is recommended for groups of 10 or less.

By the way, Bariles swears that Haw’s of Lechon ni Mang Thomas’s home-made lechon sarsa is the best in GenSan, made of chopped liver and other secret spices.

The KadabarKadaTen Package!

Now if you feel you’ve had too much of Six’Blings gastronomic delights, then change into your sports outifit and play at any of the indoor badminton courts at Mr. BigShot.  If you’re still a newbie, they have available instructors willing to teach you the basics for a minimal fee.

And to wind down, grab an ice-cold beer (frozen at minus 6 degrees) at either the non-airconditioned but airy Six’Blings Bar (and listen to their acoustic singers) or at the San Migs Sports Bar inside a refurbished and air-conditioned container van, where you can relax by watching sports events on a widescreen TV.

With all these entertainment choices under one compound, would you still want to go anywhere else in General Santos?

Six’Blings Ostrich Bar and Resto may be reached by calling these contact numbers:  (083) 553-8808, 302-1961 or 0917-7152528 and 0922-8591961.