For a week starting today, October 29, 2014, SM Cinemas all over the country will be conducting their first ever “HORROR FILMFEST” featuring new Pinoy horror movies in time for the Halloween, under the auspices of the FDCP (Film Development Council of the Philippines).  This is the SINENG PAMBANSA HORROR PLUS FILM FESTIVAL.


The Horror plus Film Festival features four films directed by master Filipino directors that are horror—and more. They will showcase Filipino folklore including a unique mix of various film genres with traditional horror. All these are part of Sineng Pambansa’s mission to bring high quality Pinoy films to a wider audience.

The four films in this festival include co-directors Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’ remake of their “T’yanak”,  Director Gil Portes’ “Hukluban”, director Edgardo Vinarao’s “Bacao”, and director Romy Suzara’s “Sigaw sa Hatinggabi”.


Read their synopsis below and watch their trailers.

TYANAK – Starring Judy An Santos, Tom Rodriguez and Solenn Heusaff. The movie is the story of Julie’s adopted baby who transforms into a monster and terrorizes their quiet town of Putting Bato with a series of brutal murders. Julie, who has suffered several miscarriages, in her efforts to have her own child, is unwilling to turn over her adopted baby to the authorities despite the many murders it has committed.

BACAO – Starring Michelle Madrigal and Arnold Reyes. The movie, set against the backdrop of planting, growing and harvesting corn, or Bacao, is about a captivating barrio lass, who blossomed into a sensuous and provocative woman desired by many men but whose heart belongs only to her husband. In her eager pursuit and desire to fulfill the very essence of her womanhood, which is bearing a child, she falls trap to men with carnal desires, who capitalize on her vulnerability.

HUKLUBAN – Starring Krista Miller and Kiko Mattos. The movie is the the story of a young and beautiful but enigmatic woman with the vibe of an old soul. She bears a secret curse, romancing three men in different eras in search of true love that may break the spell that binds her.

SIGAW NG HATINGGABI – Starring Regine Angeles and Richard Quan. The movie is about an investigation into the possible murder of a battered wife whose husband is well known. A documentary TV production crew records the efforts of a paranormal investigation group to find who killed the woman. The group suspects that the murder was committed by the ghost of a serial killer who died more than two decades ago. As the investigation continues, the group leader keeps a secret that may endanger everyone trying to solve the mystery murder.

Here is the official schedule of these four movies at SM Cinemas GenSan:

Horror Plus Film Festival Sked