San Miguel Pale Pilsen continues to serve delightful bonding moments and unforgettable memories with its time-tested brew. Through the years, this iconic Filipino beer has brought people from all walks of life together, helping shape local culture through music, fashion, and the arts.

This Holiday season, to commemorate the brand’s timeless taste and signature style, San Miguel Pale Pilsen merges classic with contemporary through its limited-edition IconiCan. Bringing beer lovers together through creativity, the IconiCan is a product of an exciting collaboration between two award-winning visual artists, the late editorial cartoonist Larry Alcala and touted graphic novelist Rob Cham.

Alcala was awarded the title of National Artist for Visual Arts posthumously for his body of work throughout his 56 years of cartooning. During his time, his illustrations reflected day-to-day life filled with gaiety and humor. Etched in the minds of Filipinos, Alcala’s works chronicled the country’s history including the subjects that made its mark in Pinoy culture, one of which is San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

An illustrator and comic book creator, Cham has received the National Book Award for his work on his graphic novel Light. The young artist communicates his sentiments through intriguing and soulful visuals that incorporate pop culture into worlds that capture contemporary aesthetics.

Both excellent illustrators in their respective times, Alcala and Cham deftly mirrors the Filipino way of life with the strokes of their pens. Placed side by side and wrapped around a San Miguel Pale Pilsen can, the works of these superb artists showcase good times with the classic brew. The IconiCan connects people together with San Miguel Pale Pilsen, perfectly embodying the brand’s message of “Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan”.

Each limited-edition Larry Alcala X Rob Cham IconiCan is marked with a San Miguel Pale Pilsen Samahan QR code. Scan the code to join thousands of other Pale Pilsen fans and receive updates and notifications about the brand’s programs and promos. Get the IconiCan to collect and enjoy or get the IconiCan 6-pack to give as a perfect BEERegalo for the holidays.

The San Miguel Pale Pilsen IconiCan is available in areas where allowed. Order now from your favorite supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide, or through SMB Delivers via 8632-BEER (2337) or

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