Many Filipinos relocate to America with its promise of good wages and a high standard of living. In fact, the USA is home to the largest number of Filipinos outside of the Philippines. Many expats work in the medical field, or in the areas of hospitality and catering. The largest concentration of Filipinos in America is in California – about 50 percent. But consider moving to Miami, Florida. Miami is home to many different nationalities and is more laid back than some other American cities. Florida is famous for its sunny climate and short winters. There are plentiful employment opportunities, good schools, and you can enjoy a superb quality of life.


Working in Miami

As the second largest financial hub in the US, with many international, multi-lingual companies headquartered there and a burgeoning tech sector, if you’re looking for a stable and rewarding career, Miami could be a great choice. Miami offers a wealth of diverse occupations including tourism, healthcare, retail, construction, and education. Miami has a large airport and internationally important port, both of which employ thousands of people – in fact, Port Miami is globally recognized as the cruise capital of the world, with more cruise passengers visiting its terminals than any other port in the world. Port Miami supports many jobs, so is an ideal first ‘port of call’ if you’re looking for work. The port is easily accessible from Asia by the Panama Canal.

Other good opportunities for expat employment lie in the areas of healthcare and social services. Check out online local newspapers for job vacancies, and recruitment agencies in Miami, who will be keen to help you find employment.

If you yearn to be your own master and be self-employed, it’s good to know that there’s no local corporation tax, low state corporation tax and no state personal income tax in Miami.

City of culture

So, now you’ve got a job, how are you going to spend your leisure time? Miami has a fun, relaxed atmosphere, and has many lovely areas to explore. Miami is famous for its beautiful Art Deco architecture and has 800 listed buildings. Wandering around the Art Deco district of Miami Beach transports you back to an era of style and glamour reminiscent of the famous Great Gatsby.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to theaters, art galleries, and museums. Miami organizes many art shows throughout the year, including the internationally important Art Basel show. The show is a great opportunity for leading galleries in Asia (and from around the world) to showcase work from established and emerging artists.

Catch a show at the Adrienne Arsht Center, which caters for every taste, whether you like musicals, ballet, or opera.

Sporting life

If you love American sports, you are going to love Miami – home to the Miami Dolphins football team, the Florida Panthers hockey team, the Miami Heat basketball team, and the Miami Marlins baseball team. The Miami Open is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. The Miami Beach Polo event attracts players from all over the world. Head to the Homestead-Miami Speedway for a thunderous weekend of NASCAR racing. And if fishing is your passion, test your skills at the Miami Sportfishing Tournament at the Miami Beach Marina. Every month has an exciting sporting event in Miami.

The great outdoors

When you think of ‘Miami’ perhaps the first thing to pop into your mind is the famous Miami Beach. See for yourself the miles of sand and turquoise waters. Facing out to sea, you can almost forget the busy city and towering hotels, offices, and apartment blocks behind you.

For a great day out, head to the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, with a mile of sandy beach popular with kayakers and renowned for some of the best shoreline fishing in America. There are plenty of nature trails to bike or hike along.

Miami boasts three tropical botanical gardens, including the vast 83-acre Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, home to a butterfly conservatory, fruit pavilion, and eleven lakes.

The famous Florida Keys is a collection of stunning islands where visitors can enjoy the great outdoors, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. You could learn to paddleboard or dive. Relocating to Miami puts this beautiful part of the world and all its exciting activities to try at your fingertips.

Staying on the right side of the law

Relocating from the Philippines to the United States is understandably a big culture shock, and you want to ensure that you abide by local rules and regulations. If you do find yourself on the wrong side of the law, this website can help. Remember to check current visa requirements and get all your paperwork in order. Familiarize yourself with Florida laws and permits concerning employment, business, and driving, to ensure that you don’t accidentally commit an offense. Read any contract or rental agreement from a landlord or agency carefully to make sure that you understand what you agree to when you find a home in Miami. You can also read up on Florida’s business and employment laws, and ensure that you understand minimum wage and compensation laws.

Thriving as an expat

Moving from the Philippines to America may be the biggest change you ever make in your life. You need to learn about the business and social culture in America, the similarities and differences between American and Filipino interactions, and get used to speaking English all the time (Spanish is spoken a lot in Miami, too). If you do take the plunge and move to Miami, spend time observing the locals and finding out how the public transport system works, what normal opening hours are, and what amenities (such as a library or swimming pool) are in your area. Find local groups in your area that you could join that match your interests – perhaps running, fishing, or martial arts.

With so much to offer expats from the Philippines, and from all over the world, could Miami be your next exciting new home?