The Sarangani Bay Festival 2015 organizers just released the list of acts for their night parties on May 15 (Friday) and May 16 (Saturday) and I am telling you, these are probably the most awesome set of performers to be assembled in a beach party in Mindano ever!

Just check out their official poster below to get what I mean…

sarbay performers

The list is a hodge-podge of the country’s foremost reggae-fusion bands, R&B artits and  top EDM (electronic dance music) deejays,

Consider these:  groups like Gruppo Tribale, who deliver a fusion of Latin, Tribal, Progressive House music with live percussions and Powerspoonz and its play on the Reggaeton Fusion Rock genre. (Click on each photo for larger view.)

Then, mix them with power EDM deejays like Travis Monsod, Marc Marasigan, the very sexy Patty Tiu (Deuce) and Ashley River (Petra) to come up with the promise of two nights of frenzied rave partying with their wide range of styles and beats. (Click on each photo for larger view)

PLUS, expect more from former church singer and now R&B artist, Quest to sweeten the pot.


So if you are planning to go to SarBay Fest 2015 and join its promise of two nights of mind-blowing euphoria in the party grounds of Gumasa Beach, just leave your inhibitions behind and throw your hands in the air, soak up in the moment.   Let yourselves be hypotized by SarBay’s beat after beat after beat…from sundown to sundup.

Of course.  These impressive names all converging in one beach festival, at Gumasa, Glan, the Summer Capital of Sarangani to provide the entertainment, only means one thing – nobody, and I am saying it FOR THE RECORD, nobody and nothing could ever take away the title, “THE BIGGEST BEACH PARTY IN MINDANAO” from SARBAY FEST!  EVER. AND EVER.