There is a good number of stores in Gen. Santos City specializing in frozen tuna and tuna by-products but when it comes to quality, no one beats Pacific Seas Seafood Market.

Before they opened more than a year ago at their branch at Fauni Building, along the National Highway, locals and visitors alike had to contend with buying frozen tuna in loose packs from existing suppliers. Loose packaging is actually vulnerable to mishandling, and as any tuna connoisseur know… the tuna meat inside is more likely to be exposed to bacteria causing easy spoilage.

Pacific Seas Seafood Market is the first to come out with vacuum-packed frozen tuna products thus ensuring their freshness and quality, much like the way they have been exporting to the US and EU through their mother company, Frescomar Seahelm Corporation for quite sometime now.

tuna sashimi bars

In a city known as the Tuna Capital, its denizens are obviously becoming more conscious on how their favorite delicacy is handled and packed and are most likely to demand that they get only the best-quality tuna, whether for themselves or for pasalubong and pabaon. An outsider would be less aware on the differences of the quality of the frozen tuna “panga” (jaws) or tuna belly being offered to him but the “general” (as a local would call himself) would know good from bad.

tuna crazy cuts

Compared to its competitors, Pacific Seas Seafood Market’s products may be premium-priced but there is no discounting the fact that they definitely raised the bar when it comes to selling export-quality seafood products.

tuna embutido

Other than frozen tuna parts and its value-added tuna products like longganiza, tapa, embutido, ham, nuggets, siomai, and the like, Pacific Seas Seafood Market also sells diana, pompano, pink salmon, milkfish (bangus), blue marlin and others. For more inquiries, and for FREE DELIVERY to your location within downtown GenSan, call them at telephone numbers (083) 3015678.

Inside Pacific Seas with Marz & Tataa

Pacific Seas Seafood Market also has branches at Matina, Davao City (nearNCCC Mall) and Aparente Avenue, City Heights, GenSan.

UPDATE: Pacific Seas Seafood Market is now known as My Angel’s Seafood under the same management.

For other Gensan Fresh Tuna Suppliers, call 0928-2528428.