Fintech start-up Plentina launched its latest partnership with Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (RRHI), one of the biggest multi-format retailers in the Philippines. Plentina now offers pay-later e-Gifts for banners under RRHI. This groundbreaking collaboration offers consumers and loyal Robinsons customers the opportunity to pay later for various goods from RRHI without the need for a credit card.

Customers can now purchase essential goods from Robinson’s multiple banners on Plentina’s easy installment or pay-later program.  To purchase and redeem Robinsons e-Gift offers, customers can download Plentina’s mobile app, sign up in minutes, and select the loan amount of their choice. Plentina now offers pay-later e-Gift options for the following RRHI banners: Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons EasyMart, The Marketplace, Shopwise, Robinsons Department Store, Toys R Us, True Value, Handyman, Daiso Japan, Robinsons Appliances, Savers Appliances, Robinsons Builders, Toybox, Home Plus, Super50, No Brand, and Pet Lovers Centre.

Earl Valencia, Plentina co-founder and chief business officer says, “As the economy is booming post pandemic, and most customers are looking to come back to purchase in person, RRHI will unlock flexible payments for more Filipinos.  Now, customers of Plentina can use our app to get pay-later e-Gifts for RRHI banners. Our company’s advocacy lies in helping our users have more access to financial services to ease their daily lives, so our strategic partnership with RRHI really serves as a crucial turning point in helping out and easing the worries of many more Filipino customers with their essential purchases.”