Despite the obstacles posed by the global health crisis, the country’s small company ecosystem continues to prosper as resilient entrepreneurs embrace the digital revolution.

PLDT Home Biz recently held a launch event to introduce its latest Asenso Fiber Plans, which feature bigger, better, and faster digital solutions tailored to the needs of the home-based entrepreneur, as part of its commitment to help build and enable this business sector through digital acceleration.

“Building a nation begins with a robust economy that helps everyone by providing opportunities to live and earn more. We can certainly foster more entrepreneurs by assisting them in their endeavors. PLDT Home Biz’s main purpose is to help entrepreneurs develop profitable businesses one at a time. We want to help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation to help them flourish with our Asenso Fiber Plans,” said Patrick Tang, Vice President and Head of PLDT Home Biz.

Bigger, better, faster Home Biz

PLDT Home Biz offers the most value-for-money internet plans that suit their business needs:

Business owners with existing PLDT Home and Home Biz subscription that would need more speeds for their business may also opt to upgrade to these new plans:

Through SoShop!, PLDT Home Biz provides micro-entrepreneurs with e-commerce solutions in cooperation with industry leaders Paymaya, UnionBank GlobalLinker, and LBC Express, in addition to providing high-speed and limitless access. LBC, Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club, Sqanly, and the Department of Trade and Industry collaborated on this project (DTI).

PLDT Home Biz, in collaboration with DTI, also provides home-based entrepreneurs with direct access to the department’s latest business trends, learning opportunities, and events. “One of the pandemic’s major issues is that many of our entrepreneurs have shut down their physical stores. PLDT Home Biz is working with DTI to see how we can help them get back into the game by allowing them to move their enterprises to their homes, thereby contributing to economic recovery and growth,” Tang says.

Getting the hang of cashless transactions
Buyers have become more tech-savvy as businesses continue to migrate to digital, and they are now more confident in conducting transactions—from purchase to payment—online, choosing it for its ease, security, and safety.

PLDT Home Biz has teamed with PayMaya, a leading provider of digital financial services, to enable subscribers to set up digital transactions for their enterprises. Users can use QR codes, bank transfers, e-wallets, as well as credit and debit cards, to make digital payments with PayMaya. Aside from the convenience and security of a cashless payment system, this eliminates the need for subscribers to visit the bank on a regular basis, allowing them to conduct business safely from home.

“Cashless payments are the preferred method of payment for many Filipinos. And businesses need to be where their customers are, according to PayMaya’s Head of Business for QR Ecosystems, Raymund Villanueva.

Indeed, in the era of the “new normal,” corporate operations are still focused on providing a better and safer consumer experience. “QR codes are widely used everywhere, and that should include small businesses,” says Sqanly Head of Product Bryan Seno. Always provide a simpler option for clients to order and pay you before your competitors do. Why? Because these services demonstrate that you care about and understand your consumers’ needs.”

Wider reach, bigger network

Businesses can also boost their growth potential by creating their own online storefronts through the UnionBank GlobalLinker. This connects them to over 300,000 MSMEs through GlobalLinker’s network, where they may find other business owners who could be their potential supplier, partner or customer.

“Aside from network expansion, our platform can enable more efficient business management,” shared Jaypee Soliman, UnionBank GlobalLinker Vice President for SME Segment. “It comes with inventory management and data analysis tools, and offers access to various webinars, which can help businesses gain more knowledge about the local landscape and potential customers.”

Get your business moving

Customer satisfaction is top priority for business owners. Having a trusted logistics partner such as Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club and LBC, PLDT Home Biz subscribers are assured of quality, safe and fast shipment of their goods.

“We want to provide every Filipino the opportunity to run their own business. We provide a safe and reliable platform through Grab Madiskarteng Boss Club to assist entrepreneurs better reach and service their customers, as well as leverage the unique benefits of digitalization, allowing them to expand and prosper despite the current market conditions. Our MBC Program not only helps local entrepreneurs succeed, but it also allows them to make a good difference in the lives of countless Filipinos who rely on on-demand delivery platforms like GrabExpress for their daily needs and livelihoods,” says Jacq Lim, Head of GrabExpress Philippines.

“We’ve got you covered with a roster of digital services to help your business prosper, from courier needs to money remittance services,” stated Juan Manuel Liwag, LBC Express’s Brand Head for the Philippines. “One of them is the Rider Pickup option, which allows you to arrange ahead of time and schedule when your things will be picked up from your home.”

Enabling PH Recovery with Home Biz 

The partnership of the public and private sector supports small entrepreneurs through measures and solutions that help them navigate the challenging business environment of the new normal. 

PLDT Home Biz, in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), hosts virtual trade shows and public forums that connect entrepreneurs to business opportunities by allowing them to build networks, learn from business experts, identify new trends to adopt, and connect with potential clients and customers.

“Our strength as a country has always been our ability to hold our ground and stick together in the face of adversity. “In these uncertain days, this same staunch, communal spirit holds us fast, with us and the private sector working together to help us recover our economic losses due to the pandemic,” said DTI Assistant Secretary Demphna Du-Naga.

Filipino home-based entrepreneurs can now earn more while mastering their businesses from home thanks to PLDT Home Biz. To learn more about the new Asenso Fiber Plans, go to PLDT Home Biz and watch their current video.