Today is the V-DAY for Gensan being the 69th Foundation Day of the city and the culmination of the over-a-week long Kalilangan Festival.

Too bad I wasn’t able to catch the “SALUBONG” reenactment at the junction of Pioneer and Magsaysay Avenues because it was held at 5:30am, way too early for me. Anyway, will ask for pics from my brother Orman’s camera and will post his shots later.

As of now, allow me as I indulge you with the happenings of my city’s 69th Foundation day, the day when settlers who registered and applied for homesteads with the NLSA (National Land Settlement Authority) under then Administrator Gen. Paulino Santos through the directive of Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon, arrived on the shores of what was then known as Dadiangas in February 27, 1939.

This is the first in a series of posts of what is also the culmination day of the 11-day long KALILANGAN FESTIVAL….

Below is the deserted Pioneer Avenue which was closed for traffic early this morning for the “SALUBONG” reenactment when Christian settlers led by Gen. Santos were met by the original inhabitants comprised of lumads, muslims and the first wave of immigrants – the Acharons, the Natividads, the Olartes and the Lozanos, among others.

Ritual dancers from the b’laan tribe perform after the “Salubong” at the Carlos P. Garcia Park.

Folk dancers sway to the Kalilangan beat on the background unmindful of the early morning sun.

Young b’laan dancers perform their dance while waiting for the mass to begin.

Sydney Hotel at the corner of Pioneer and Pendatun Avenue looms large in the background as Mayor Acharon gives his speech in front of the city’s movers and shakers at the shrine of Gen. Paulino Santos, Sr. at the Carlos P. Garcia Park.

Above pictures – is the view of the ongoing celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the Carlos P. Garcia Park taken from the 6th floor of the Sydney Hotel and that of Mt. Matutum in the horizon.

The symbolic release of doves & balloons at the Carlos P. Garcia Park to signal the opening of the celebrations for the 69th Foundation Day of the city elicited cheers, shouts and jubilant reactions from these representatives of the various sectors of the Tuna Capital.