If you happen to travel along the National Highway these days and pass by the two-wing CED Buildings beside the NCCC Compound that hosts the Six Blings Ostrich Restaurant Complex, you will notice that the right wing has already been totally demolished.

This then gives you a good view of something that’s been brewing behind the torned-down building, and here is what it looks like…..

CED Uptown Square
Ced Uptown Square - Phase One

This 20-unit two-story building which stands perpendicular to the demolished structure nearer the highway is the first phase of the P60 million project by the Ced Family, which Bariles has christened THE CED UPTOWN SQUARE for lack of a better term.

This building will house the former occupants of the older structure including Tropical Motorama, plus some more. It is scheduled to be opened to the public in less than two weeks.

Across it will be a similar 20-unit structure which will be for the occupants of the 2nd Ced Building facing the highway, comprising Phase 2 of the project. Right now, it is still undergoing construction.

Phase 2 of Ced Uptown Square
Phase 2 of Ced Uptown Square

The 3rd and final phase of the CED buildings will be built at the farthermost end of the compound and will stand perpendicular to the first two. According to family spokesperson Jan Ced, who is also the current President of the GSC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this will be open for food and entertainment establishments, thus making it a one-stop commercial haven for the generals.

Galing ng Generals!  Galing ng GenSan!