The Viva Hotbabes Live in the Flesh show at the KCC Mall Convention and Events Center last month was a purely male affair, judging from the crowd I saw inside.

The average age of these men could have been at 38-48 years, presumably the same ages of the uncles and the lolo’s of Jennifer Lee, Andrea del Rosario, Maui Taylor and Katya Santos.

The cavernous convention hall was not even 1/8 full (owing to the prohibitive prices of the tickets) so you could just imagine how cold the airconditioning was for the impatient and small audience (it was supposed to start at 7pm).

Still, when the lights dimmed signalling the start of the concert and the appearance of the sexy girls singing their hit song, Bulaklak, the mood changed and temperatures rose.

One by one, Jennifer, Andrea, Katya and Maui strutted their stuff onstage, with each outfit change getting skimpier and skimpier.  The “generals” in the audience couldn’t have been happier.

Even more ecstatic were the lucky bunch of men who were called onstage and had the balls to jam with the girls.  First appearing to be shy, these “generals” eventually learned to let go of their inhibitions when their lady partners started giving them chores that made each warm-bloodied male in the audience wish that they were the ones up there with the Viva Hotbabes.

I had to give it to the four girls for being so nonchalant each time the men’s hands stray away.  They just jokingly warded off any deliberate aggressive move from their partners without embarrassing them.

Now, if that’s not professionalism,  I don’t know what else to call it then. 😉

And as my promise to everyone, especially to the Men of GenSan, here are the four goddesses of Pinoy Showbiz taken during the night they heated up the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.  YOU MAY CLICK ON EACH PHOTO FOR A LARGER IMAGE.

Sorry guys! I can not publish other pictures of the FINALE ACT of the 4 ladies  because they’re really too sexy for this blog.