OLPGV 1965

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish is the 2nd oldest church in Gen. Santos (after Lagao’s St. Peter and Paul), established in October 13, 1957. That makes her 51 this year. The photo above was taken on Good Friday 1965 when there was hardly any tree at the park in front of the church. The park which used to be called Freedom Park was renamed as Carlos P. Garcia.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see the church bell tower and the convent of the Passionist Fathers to the left of the church (which are presently still standing) and a portion of the Parish Center to the right.

With no benches at the park, church-goers just sit on the grass and while their time away with their families. Of course, during that time, almost everyone knows everybody and people linger on to chat till it’s time to go home.

But that was then, my friends. Now, the park infront of the church is filled with trees which block its view from afar. The ground has grown bare and dusty because no grass could grow anymore with the sun’s rays blocked by the trees. And of course, people hurry home after mass because they have no time to exchange pleasantries with other church-goers, most of whom are strangers.

And the church? This is how the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Church looks now.

OLPGV Parish Now