In its effort to create a stronger community by promoting stronger immunity, Organique Inc. virtually launched its #ImmunoStrongPH campaign with leading content creator and cancer survivor Wil Dasovich as a fitting ambassador. The virtual presser highlighted health as the top of mind concern among the millions of Filipinos today as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and as the whole nation moves toward recovery.

Organique Acai Premium Blend Drink and ImmunoCare Kits sent by Organique to support frontliners and medical societies which include essentials like alcohol, face mask, face shield, and Department of Health BIDA+ Solusyon poster for information dissemination.

Aside from Dasovich, also present to discuss the important relationship between immunity and lasting health were Organique, Inc. CEO and President Catherine Salimbangon; DOH Director IV of the Health Promotion Bureau Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho; and featured COVID-19 survivor Lawrence Lee and hypertension survivor Marielle Vergara

Clockwise: Organique Brand Ambassador Wil Dasovich; Organique, Inc. CEO and President Catherine Salimbangon; Department of Health Director IV of the Health Promotion Bureau Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho; Host Kurt Dueñas; and featured survivors of COVID Lawrence Lee and Hypertension Marielle Vergara at the virtual launch of Organique’s national health awareness campaign entitled ‘#ImmunoStrongPH: Protecting the Community through Immunity.’

Stronger immunity, stronger community

According to Salimbangon, “Health is wealth, which is why we are promoting a deeper level of care for Filipino families and medical frontliners by advocating a conscious effort towards holistic health and overall wellness. Everyone, especially those at risk or are continually exposed to health hazards, can live their lives to the fullest with their loved ones for a long time.”

Organique, Inc. pledged to donate Acai Freeze-dried capsules to selected hospitals and community centers in partnership with the Department of Health.

The #ImmunoStrongPH national awareness campaign was designed to generate awareness on the multitude of ways that Filipinos can protect themselves and their communities by strengthening their immune system. Chief of this is a healthy lifestyle, supported by clean eating and complemented by natural and organic superfoods such as the Organique Acai line of premium nutritional supplements. Being immunostrong can help Filipinos prevent the onset of diseases.

Medical societies and organizations —The Philippine Society of Medical Oncologists (left), and the Department of Health (right), receive the ImmunoCare Kits from Organique representatives.

In support of DOH’s BIDA+ Solusyon

A collaboration between the private and public sectors, the #ImmunoStrongPH campaign complements the BIDA+ Solusyon campaign guidelines set by the DOH, which calls on the public to strictly adhere to health and safety protocols to prevent the continuous spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Ho said, “Practicing minimum public health standards is another layer of immunity. We request everyone to perform the BIDA+ Solusyon by wearing face masks, washing hands, sanitizing frequently, and practicing social distancing.” She also stressed the importance of investing in one’s health, saying, “The body remembers assaults done to it, and assaults can come in the form of bad food, smoking, lack of exercise. Bodies are vessels of investment.”

The #ImmunoStrongPH campaign also pays tribute to the country’s medical frontliners and community health workers for their dedication and hard work in protecting the Filipino people from illnesses.

Overcoming cancer and other illnesses

During the virtual launch, Dasovich narrated his experience as a colon cancer survivor at the tender age of 25 and how he was able to overcome it in a year’s time. He also spoke about the importance of keeping the immune system strong to be able to fight off diseases and recover quickly from them.

“I am so driven to make a difference in how people approach their health and wellness through my own personal cancer survival story,” Dasovich shared. “I cannot overstate the importance of being mindful of one’s physical health by staying fit, exercising regularly, and eating the right kinds of food for the nourishment of your body, especially in this day and age when we are exposed to many allergens and bacteria on a daily basis.“
“Throughout my journey as a cancer survivor, I’ve always believed in the power of taking antioxidants and ingesting super foods like Acai berries. The top Organique products like Acai freeze-dried capsules and Acai premium blend don’t only help you become healthier and live longer, but they also taste amazingly good,” Dasovich added.

A campaign for the public good

His sentiments were echoed by COVID-19 survivor Lee and hypertension survivor Vergara, who shared their thoughts about the importance of having a strong immune system especially during a pandemic.

“Life begins at 60. At my age when I have about 10 years more, I can still accomplish more and I want to live with strength, stamina, and energy. Organique has been helping me through the years. You cannot take care of others without taking care of yourself,” Vergara said.

            This was magnified by Lee who said, “Iisa lang ang buhay natin. Mas kampante ka kung alam mong mas healthy ka. Paano ako mag-p-provide sa family ko kung hindi ako healthy. Physically, tayo nag-suffer pero mentally, family natin ang nag-suffer.” 

            Salimbangon concluded the virtual event by saying, “We take care of our health, so that we can also take care of the health of those we love. #ImmunoStrongPH is about protecting the community through immunity. We are also strengthening our commitment as a health and wellness partner of the DOH by spreading awareness via our brand ambassador, Mr. Dasovich, and through our continued distribution of IMMUNOCARE KITS.”