In a simple yet meaningful program, General Santos City Mayor Jun Acharon unveiled to the employees of the City Hall during their flag-raising ceremony just recently, the official icon/logo of the new city brand, “Magandang GenSan“.

Magandang GenSan ICON



The phrase “Magandang GenSan” first came out of the lips of the mayor sometime in the later part of 2005 when he started using it as a pleasantry and salutation in his speeches, printed messages and public appearances.

In February 2006, during his State of the City Address, the phrase was substantiated when he pronounced that, “Magandang GenSan” is not only a greeting, it is a conviction… it is not only words, it is a statement of hope… it is not only a mission, it is a reflection of character.  In short, “Magandang GenSan” is a shortened paraphrase of the city’s vision.”

Now, almost three years to that day, Magandang GenSan has become a standard greeting among the “generals”, whether in telephone pleasantries, large gatherings, conventions and the like.  During the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit hosted by the city, I also introduced that phrase to the more than a hundred participants and have urged GenSan-based bloggers to continually using it.

Finally, this year, the good mayor of GenSan has chosen to give the phrase a visual and tangible dimension, aimed at intensifying the awareness of such initiative, which in turn encourages stronger participation of the “generals” in selling their city to the world.


Branding is essential in advertising.  Significant to it is a visual component that carries the character and image of the product being sold or advertised.  The graphical rendition of Magandang GenSan – as the shortened phrase of the city’s vision – is a visual reflection of the city’s image and character: vibrant, resilient, progressive, global.  This project is therefore designed to bring to the fore these characteristics depicted through a powerful graphical design or icon.  This icon will be the carrier of that brand.

Bt the end goal of packaging the city does not end in the icon alone.  Total packaging of that brand cascades into different programs and projects which must substantiate what the icon depicts.  Tourism development programs being formulated gear towards that end.  This project is an icing on the cake, so to speak.


The visual rendering of Magandang GenSan icon/logo in its simplicity, conveys:

COURAGE AND RESILIENCE: The military color is suggestive of a “General” lending itself as a color of strength and resilience which the city and every General, imbues.

HARMONY IN DIVERSITY: The multicolor wave patterns of the Magandang GenSan Logo/icon represent the diversity of cultures in harmonious fusion, portraying a gracious community connected in its history and heritage.

WEALTH OF WATERS: The fusion of patterns is an abstraction of the waves, depicting a city by the bay brimming with wealth of waters.

GLOBAL READINESS: The modernist and minimalist graphics portray an uncluttered direction of governance that paves a clear and welcoming way for investments, ready for the world.

The MAGANDANG GENSAN icon is a stamp of excellence, a mark of distinction.

After  launching this campaign within the local government and all its departments who will adopt the icon in all their letterheads, print and broadcast materials, plus some other promotional schemes, in a few weeks, there will be a print and media broadcast campaign to launch it to the city’s different communities.

I am very positive that with all the mechanics of implementation in place, in just a couple of months, the whole country and the whole world who has grown accustomed to such iconic catchphrases as “Amazing Thailand“, “Malaysia, Truly Asia“, “Incredible India“, among others will be pleasantly surprised that a glorious city by the bay, in an island in the Pacific has her very own “Magandang GenSan”.

SOURCE:  City Economic Management & Cooperative Development Office