The Kalilangan 2014 weekend is fast approaching and with the major events coming in, what better way to join in the fun than creating your own selfies and submitting them to “The #myKalilangan SMARTphone Selfie Contest!”

If you have been sleeping under a rock, a selife is a photograph of yourself, by yourself using your phone camera.

The contest which is jointly sponsored by the APO-GAAM, SMART Communications and the Kalilangan Festival 2014 Committe will give cash prizes, Kalilangan Festival 2014 official trophies and SMART goodies.  Check out the mechanics after the jump.

mykalilangan, my  kalilangan

To join the #MyKalilangan Smartphone Selfie Contest, all you have to do is:

1.) Own a smartphone
2.) Be a Smart Subscriber
3.) Have an INSTAGRAM account
4.) Like this Official My Kalilangan Facebook Page –

Take selfie pictures under any of these 3 categories:

I.) EVENTS. Selfie with any Kalilangan event on the background.
2.) STREETDANCERS. Selfie with Kadsagayan Street Dancers on the background.
3.) LOGO. Selfie with the Kalilangan Logo (outdoor shot) on the background.

From Feb 25-March 2, the selfie entries will have to be uploaded on your INSTAGRAM account, containing the hashtags:

1.) #myKalilangan and #SmartLiveAllOut and #APOgaam,
2.) plus your full name and smart phone #.

Each person is limited to share 3 selfie entries per category only.

The organizers will share on the MY KALILANGAN FACEBOOK PAGE all the TOP 10 selfie entries per category (based on their judgment) submitted thru Instagram, after March 2.

These Top 30 selfie entries will undergo a MOST LIKE CONTEST at the official MY KALILANGAN Facebook Page of the competition. Cut-off of LIKING the selfie entries is on March 10, 2014.

mykalilangan instagram logo

PRIZES for most Facebook Likes:
1) Best Event Selfie – P1,000 and Kalilangan Trophy and Smart goodie;
2) Best StreetDancers Selfie – P1,000 and Kalilangan Trophy and Smart goodie;
3) Best Kalilangan Logo Selfie – P1,000 & Kalilangan Trophy and Smart goodie.

Consolation prizes consisting of SMART goodies will be given to the next TOP 5 selfies per category.

There will be JURY AWARDS on the best selfies based on the judgement of the APO-GAAM (the organizers)

PRIZES for the Jury Awards:
1) Best Event Sefie – P500 and Kalilangan Trophy & Smart Goodie;
2) Best Streetdancers Selfie – P500 and Kalilangan Trophy & Smart Goodie;
3) Best Kalilangan Logo Selfie – P500 and Kalilangan Trophy & Smart Goodie.

The APO-GAAM will announce the winners on March 11, 2014 via this My Kalilangan Facebook Page. Please share this.