To give the readers of GenSan News Online Mag’s readers a break from the usual features, Bariles is posting the latest funny pictures of Manny Pacquiao which came out in various websites and passed on via hundreds and thousands of email. You may check out the first batch of Funny Pictures of Pacquiao Bariles posted last year by checking this link —-  Many Faces of Pacquiao.

Again, this just shows that Manny Pacquiao has already achieved ICON STATUS to be given this attention by some of the talented photoshop artists in this planet.

Pacquiao Funny Picture 1 - Pockman

Spockquiao or Spockman


Limang Pisong Pacman


Dragonball’s Gokku

Pacquiao Funny Picture - Twilight

Twilight’s Edward and Bella (Manny and Jinky Pacquiao)

Pacquiao Funny Picture -Wolverine

Wolverine – The Origins

Now below is a powerpoint display of more Pacquiao funny pictures which Bariles found in Youtube. Enjoy.