It was one birthday party which could have been dreamt about by any woman who turns sixty.  As for Nanay Dionisia Pacquiao, whose name was spelled as “DionEsia” in the giant backdrop of the stage, knowing her generous heart, it was a celebration which she would have dedicated to all the hardworking Filipino mothers out there.

Debutante Dionisia Pacquiao on stage

Dressed in an exquisite purple gown which accentuated her slim figure and coiffured and made-up to make her the most beautiful woman that night, the Pambansang Ina took all of 10 minutes, escorted by her son Manny who was in simple jeans and poloshirt, to walk from the back door of the Phela Grande Convention Center to reach her official throne at the stage due to the mad rush of TV crews, cameramen, guests and wellwishers wanting to take a good shot of her.

Dionisia and Manny PacquiaoManny escorting Dionisia Pacquiao

Since the theme for the night was “Debut”, the convention hall was arranged like one, the dominant colors being violet and pink.   There was the requisite 18 roses (with matching dance partners for Dionisia) and 18 candles and wishes for her, too.

People she cared for and close family members who comprised about 80% of the guests were all there for her, together with her newly-found friends from her “ballroom club” where she is the new “vice president“.

Dionisia's best friendDionisia Pacquiao's mother Cristina

(left pic) Dionisia’s best friend, Lilia Lao.    (right pic) Dionisia’s 87-year old mother Christina

Bariles only spotted a few local politicians and except for former Governor Chavit Singson, there was no other national figure in sight, no showbiz personalities, no Imelda Marcos, as purported by advanced releases.  Which Bariles thinks is a good idea since this was solely Dionisia Pacquiao‘s night and she should be the only shining star around.

Dionisia Pacquiao's Birthday Cake

The birthday cake of the 60-year old debutante, prepared by Mix and Magic which also did Manny’s birthday cakes last December 2008 and Queenie’s, last February 2009.

Below are the other pictures Bariles took that night which hopefully could give you a glimpse of the night that the mother of world champ Manny Pacquiao was rightfully given her special tribute in a debutante-themed birthday party (reportedly costing the champ P150T for the food and party decor alone), which she should have celebrated four decades and four years ago.

Happy Dionesia

A beaming 60-year old debutante

Dionisia and Mommy dancing

Manny and the debutante on the floor after giving her a large bouquet during the 18-roses-dance

Dionisia, Ballroom QueenSwinging debutante

Dionisia and two of her seven-commissioned dance instructors dance up a storm complete with acrobatic lifts ala-Alma Moreno, while Manny waits for his turn (below)

Manny watching his star-mom

In the middle of the party, the debutante rested for a while, and came out for the 18 candles ceremony, this time dressed differently in a purple halter dress and matching purple dance shoes, all ready for the dance marathon to follow later.

Dionisia after a costume change

The mom celebrity waving to her well-wishers among the 600+ crowd.

Jinkee Pacquiao greets mom-in-law Dionisia

Jinkee Pacquiao hugs mom-in-law Dionisia during the 18 candles ceremony with her kids and a nephew in the foreground

Phela Grande Ballroom

The Phela Grande Convention Center crowd

Manny singing for the debutante

Manny singing “Mapalad Ka” for the luckiest woman that night….

Jinky Pacquiao

…while a flawless and elegant Jinky enjoys the spectacle from nearby.

In closing, here is a news video of Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao’s birthday party courtesy of GMA. Just click on the link below for a much clearer video from Kapuso’s site.

Dionesia Pacquiao’s Birthday Party VIDEO, CLICK HERE.

Now here is ABS-CBN’s news video of the party: