Metro Pacific Hospitals revamps its brand for the first time in 15 years as Metro Pacific Health, the heart of Filipino healthcare.

General Santos City, October 14, 2022. Metro Pacific Hospitals, the first and largest private hospital group in the Philippines, re-introduces itself with a new brand name, a new logo, and a new promise as Metro Pacific Health, the heart of Filipino healthcare, in an event attended by their national officers and top personnel of their member hospitals in the Mindanao region, including St. Elizabeth Hospital, this city.

Two days earlier, in Metro Pacific Health’s Brand Equity Launch Event on October 12, 2022, in Manila, tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP), announced that the organization will be focusing their efforts on network expansion and rebranding as the heart of Filipino healthcare. MVP said, “I have high hopes for Metro Pacific Health, and I commit to firmly supporting the Management teams and employees behind the organization. Together, we will achieve our vision of making Metro Pacific Health the leading and most valued integrated healthcare network in the Philippines, and one of Asia’s most innovative and trusted healthcare providers.”

The new branding is one of the many things that Metro Pacific Health is doing as part of their blueprint for growth to expand services to better meet customer needs, modernize healthcare with state-of-the-art technology in medical science and data, improve the end-to-end customer experience, and make world-class quality healthcare more accessible to many Filipinos.

On top of upgrading infrastructure, procuring new equipment, and expanding product and service offerings, Metro Pacific Health is also looking into digitally transforming the landscape. “We’re exploring remote patient monitoring, electronic health record systems, hospital-at home programs, and all these other exciting opportunities that will revolutionize patient care in the country,” said MPH CEO Dr. Harish Pillai. This also includes introducing new virtual care platforms and upgrading hospital information systems to create an integrated digital access point with capabilities to digitally search for and schedule appointments, virtually triage symptoms, navigate to the right site of care, and access electronic medical records across the entire network.

Another important priority for Metro Pacific Health is bringing down the cost of healthcare in the country so more Filipinos can afford it. According to MPH President Augie Palisoc, “Whether it be in communications, mining, electricity, water, tollways, trains, and, of course, hospitals, our goal is always to improve the quality of life of Filipinos for a better Philippines.” For Metro Pacific Health, this means making healthcare more accessible by streamlining cost structures for more affordable healthcare options.

“Today marks a new era for Metro Pacific Health – one where we redefine healthcare for the Philippines,” said MPH CEO Dr. Harish Pillai. “This isn’t just a new look for us as a company, but rather an expression of what it truly means to be the heart of Filipino healthcare. This rebranding represents our promise to continuously improve the way we work, and the way we care for our patients.”

The top brass and officers of Metro Pacific Hospitals at the launch of the rebranding at Veranza Mall, in General Santos City on October 14, 2022

The brand refresh conveys the Group’s focus on becoming the leading and most-valued integrated healthcare network in the Philippines, delivering high-quality, sustainable, compassionate, patient-centered care. Beginning October, the new branding will be seen across Metro Pacific Health’s nationwide network of hospitals, outpatient care centers, cancer care centers, pharmacies, satellite laboratories, and allied health colleges. “We believe our efforts to transform Metro Pacific Hospitals to Metro Pacific Health will keep our brand relevant for generations to come,” said Jessica Abaya, MPH Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer.

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