If you happen to drive along the National Highway going to the Makar-Koronadal Junction, a few meters before reaching Phela Grande Convention Center on the left, and right across the Shell Gasoline Station, you will not miss the former Caltex Gas Station lot, now with a blue plastic sheet covering, hiding what’s behind it.

It cannot however conceal the frantic construction work on a building beside the right wall of the compound, and upon closer look at the tarpauline streamer hanging at the edifice’s facade, the mystery is revealed!

It is the building of a soon-to-open Mercury Drug outlet, their 6th in General Santos City which they are naming as their North National Highway Branch.  Why North?  Maybe because it lies within the jurisdiction of Barangay Dadiangas North.

Their first five branches are located at Pioneer Avenue, Pedro Acharon Sr. Boulevard, Santiago Boulevard, Jose Catolico Avenue Lagao and Robinsons Place.

Mercury Drug has chosen a good spot for their new outlet since GenSan News Online Mag couldn’t think of a reputable drug store which could better serve the needs of the city’s constituents in this barangay and across Silway River.

Funny but despite some drugstores who operate on a 24/7 basis, there is still no 24-hour Mercury Drug outlet in GenSan.  Hopefully, this branch could be their first.

But do you think GenSan is ready for a 24-hour Mercury Drug outlet?