If you are fond of eating at authentic Chinese restaurants, then you must have come across their steamed or baked buns or bread which they call Mantou.  Some are purely bread and some contain meat fillings but anyhow it is prepared, a mantou is soft and doughy and specially delicious when it’s hot.

Now, Zagu, the country’s #1 producer of Pearl shakes is offering along with its delicious and refreshing drinks their own style of Mantou, a whole new selection of yummy stuffed bread sticks! (CLICK HERE to check out Zagu’s latest pearl shakes flavor.)


Zagu’s Mantou Stuffed Bread sticks which it sells at P16 a piece has a lot of super yummy meat fillings to satisfy your cravings for light, affordable snacks.  Check out from these meat fillings: Cheese Burger, Chicken Ala King, Chicken Burrito, Country Ham, Classic Sampler, Introductory Sampler, and Mushroom Chicken Pesto!

Other fillings which will make you try more of Mantou are Pepperoni and Cheese, Tuna and Cheese, Roast Beef and Mushroom, Smoked Bacon and Mushroom, Beef Kebab, Beef Taco and Bolognese!

There is certainly something for every kind of meat craving!  Grabe!

Bariles himself recommends the Chicken Ala King and since he goes for Midwestern food, the Beef Kebab!!!

Each Mantou stuffed bread stick is sold at P16 only.  It is available at Zagu Gaisano Mall of GenSan!

For deliveries of either Mantou stuffed bread sticks and Zagu Pearl Shakes please call Zagu Gaisano at 0942-7166115.