A new amateur video of Boxing Champ Manny Paquiao has been unploaded on YouTube and is fast going viral.

The video was uploaded by Chris Farina of Top Rank and by the looks of it, Manny is having a good time while being filmed singing at the end part.  This was supposed to be his response to Canadian Rapper Drake who impersonated him on ESPY.

So let’s give it to Manny Pacquiao as he lets go and sings, “Let It Go”!

Thanks to Chris Farina for sharing this Manny Pacquiao Video.

As for the rapper Drake’s video of him impersonating Manny at the ESPYs, here it is.

One thing I like about Manny Pacquiao is how he takes everything in stride and enjoys spoofs of him.  Now that’s being such a good sport!