Another specialty restaurant is about to open in General Santos City and this time,  it goes one notch higher than the more common barbecue dining establishments we have by offering popular food staples from Middle Eastern countries.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the unveiling of LITTLE DUBAI KEBAB GRILLS!


This new upcoming GenSan restaurant is owned by a former OFW based in Dubai who has developed a particular liking to the food there and thus enrolled herself  in culinary classes to teach her the rudiments of Mediterranean cuisine, among others.  

Now ready and determined to strike it on her own, Dimples, a daughter of former Vice Mayor Mike Odi, wants to have her own tiny corner where she can serve her versions of Mid-eastern dishes, especially the very famous kebab which is basically  grilled meat in skewers,  Thus, the idea of LITTLE DUBAI was born.  [quote1]

Although not the first in the city to offer Mediterranean food since “The Old South opened ahead last year (read post on The Old South by clicking here), Dimples believes that there is room for one more especially with her promise of “food delights” meant to make “you come back for more”.  And besides, hers is situated in the central shopping district of the city while The Old South operates in the suburbs of GenSan.  

Bariles has been invited to grace the opening of Little Dubai Kebab Grills on May 18th at its location at the newly opened SAFI Arcade at the back portion of the outdoor parking lot of KCC Mall of GenSan.  The arcade faces Bula-Lagao road and can be easily accessed from there.

Bariles hopes that the opening of Little Dubai Kebab Grills  and other such diners will urge more generals to go out more often and patronize them.  Only by doing so will more investors be encouraged to establish additional restaurants of various themes and specialties, thus strengthening General Santos City’s reputation as the Food and Entertainment Haven of South Central Mindanao.