Great news for generals on the need to upgrade their money-making skills!, a Team of Professional Financial Advocates aiming to educate more Filipinos especially in the provinces with limited access on Personal Finance and Investing, is conducting a Learning Series on Stocks Investing and Trading in Gensan!

In this 2-day learning series, called “STOCKS SMARTS GENSAN”, they are aiming to help the people of Gensan to be informed and get involved in the “Strong Philippine Economy” through adequate understanding of stock market investing and trading.


According to JERMAIN C. PONCARDAS, RN, Associate Financial Planner (AFP), who is a native of Gensan, “our goal is to empower our people to become more involved and educated in investing as to date the Financial Literacy is has a big gap amongst Filipinos. We wanted to bring our people to safe investments and avoid scams”.

That is the reason why he is inviting everyone to join them through this event with resource Speaker from Manila, MR. MARVIN GERMO, RFP – Stock market Trader, Investor, Financial Consultant and Author of Stock Smarts Book Series.

Mr. Germo is one of the Best Resource SpeakerS in Stock Market Investing and Trading in the Philippines today.

This Gensan leg of their Forum and Workshop Series is slated on February 27 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday), 2016 at Green Leaf Hotel Gensan with the following topics.


Feb 27, 2016 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, Greenleaf Hotel, Gensan

*In the Stock Market Basics 101- Forum, which is recommended for beginners, attendees will Learn the Basic Concepts in Stock Market Investing with Marvin’s gift of making technical concepts simple and easy to understand.

You will learn what the Stock Market is, why it exist and how you can make your money grow with it.

* You will also get personal insights of Marvin Germo’s Personal Journey- How Stocks helped him to become Financially Free and be more focused on doing what he loves doing- to educate more Filipinos on Stocks and create more Financially Free Filipinos

The Forum is a paid access:

Php 500.00- Regular Rate (Professionals)– until February 15, 2016.

P450.00- Discount Rate (Teachers + General Public- Php 450 pesos) – until February 15, 2016.

Php 450.00- Discount Rate (Students) – until February 15, 2016.



February 27 & 28, Greenleaf Hotel Gensan

This 3 Powerful Workshop Series offers in-depth discussions of strategies to make sure you grow your money in stocks investing and trading.  It also offers Technical Concepts that are crucial to help you decide what to do next when Stock prices goes up and down.  The Workshop Series is specifically designed to provide Solid Foundation in your Stock Market Investing and Trading Journey.

3 Powerful Workshops to Boost up your Stock Market Investing Journey

TOPICS (Individual Rates):

I. How to Find Perfect Timing in Buying and Selling StocksFebuary 27, 2016 (Saturday) – 1:00 PM- 4:30 PM.  Regular Rate:  Php 2,500.00; (Sale- Php 2,000.00 until Feb. 15 Only);

This Workshop Series 1- Designed for you- who wanted to be efficient on when to come in and let go of your Stock Positions. This will help you get the most of earnings avoid losses and also creates more chances to position on good Stocks.

II. Modern Technical Analysis Methods – Febuary 27, 2016- 5:30 PM- 8:30 PM
Regular rate: Php 2,500.00; (Special discount – Php 2,000.00 until Feb. 15 Only).

This Workshop Series 2- Technical analysis is one of the best tools to help each investor identify signals to decide what to do next, this will help to maximize gains and minimize loses.  This Workshop Series will focus on:
Candlestick trading, Fibonacci retracement, Simple Moving Averages, MACD, DMI, RSI, Bull and Bear Markets.

III. Advanced Technical Analysis – February 28, 2017- 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Regular Rate: Php 3,000.00;  (Special discount – P2,300.00 until Feb. 15 only)

This Workshop Series Part 3 aims to complement sessions discussed in the first two Workshops. Topics to be discussed:  10 New Oscillators (indicators) not discussed before, trading case studies, volume based trading, and trend phases and positional trading.  This Advanced Workshop designed to keep you on tract and give you more options on your stock positions.

Stock Smart Workshop Series “FREEBIES”
YES! YOU will Get the following Freebies as our kind Gesture on attending the workshops:

1. FREE hand-outs on every Stock Smarts Workshops Series– Exclusive for you-
** this hand outs only offered exclusive during the workshop series;  it is not even included in Marvin Germo’s Stock Smarts Book Series.

2. FREE access to Stock Smarts Gensan Private FB group – get a chance to know people who have attended the workshops, learn from their experiences and share ideas, nothing more important than having a community of like-minded people to enhance your stock market investing skills.

**Note- accessible only to Certified Stock Smart Workshop Series Attendees – Not Available for Forum Attendees.

3. Free Chance for a Personal Talk to Marvin Germo in between the Workshop Series

4. Free Special Gift to Lucky Attendees during the Workshop Series.


** Added PROMO (Extended- February 15)
Very Few Seats Available- To attend the 3 Workshops all together.

You will just pay P6, 300 pesos Only. You Save P1,700.

(Normal Price is Php 8,000- Workshops series- only). Register Today.

Take Note Prices will Increase Starting February 16 onwards.



TO REGISTER ONLINE, go to  Payments may be made through: BPI Online deposit- or pay direct to GreenLeaf Hotel- Feb 9- 15 at 3-5pm only- look for Jermain)

TO REGISTER MANUALLY,  visit  GreenLeaf Hotel Gensan- in Front of Sm City Gensan and look for Jermain.

Payments accepted from- February 09- February 15- 2016-at specific time only- 3:00pm -5pm only.

JERMAIN C. PONCARDAS, RN, Associate Financial Planner (AFP),
Email Ad:; Contact #: 0995-235-3488-(Globe)