Tomorrow, September 22nd 2010, the annual Grand FishFest Sa Fishport will once again unravel to delight not only its participants and spectators from among the workers and tenants of the GenSan Fishport Development Complex but also the influx of tourists and visitors from elsewhere who are in town for the conduct of the Tuna Festival.

Making the FishFest (short for Fish Festival) more special this year is the staging of the First Lawihan Streetdancing Competition.

The Lawihan Streetdancing Competition will be participated in by dance contingents representing SAFI, UFLA, Nola Marice/Tuna Coop, Ramona Fishing/GGMRC, RDEX and WDN Processing.  Here are their tribal names:

  1. Silip sa Kailaliman Tribe
  2. Tribong Palaot
  3. Buwanalon Tribe
  4. Tribong Mamukot
  5. Tribong Mandaragat
  6. Tribo Manglalawod

Other than this are the regulars like the LBM Race (Langoy-Bugsay Marathon), the Biggest Catch of the Day and some other minor games.

This early, we have found out from Mr. Paris Ayon, the Event Manager for this year’s FishFest sa Fishport that the Lawihan Street Dancing Competition contingents are making sure that their costumes and dance moves will be worth the time of the visitors who will come to watch them perform and compete.  Their owners have spent so much already to make their teams stand out!

Hopefully, the Grand Winner of the this first ever Lawihan Street Dancing Competition at the GenSan Fishport will perform during the school-based Mardi Gras Streetdancing Competion at the Pioneer Avenue on September 26th, the GRAND CULMINATION of the month-long  Tuna Festival 2010.

Now that will be a Grand Showdown of Streetdancers that you should never miss!  Will you be there?