A few weeks ago, Bariles was noticing something different about the ladies in his office.

Not only were they looking prettier and were dressing smarter but were also projecting more self-confidence in they way they were carrying themselves and in interacting with their clients.  They were more patronizing too and kept fluttering their eyelashes at him each time by walk by his office table!

Bariles couldn’t make out the cause of all these and thought that there was a female virus at loose in the building until finally, he found out the real reason behind the ladies’ more self-assured stance and more stunning looks.

They all came from a series of visits at the new LASH IN THE CITY Eyelash Extension Lounge!  In short, they had eyelashes extensions plastered on their now captivating eyes!!!

These eyelash extensions are actually synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials which are applied to individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look.  With the use of a surgical adhesive they are attached and bonded with the natural eyelashes, making them appear longer….. giving the ladies’ faces in Bariles’ office lovelier, more seductive, dreamy and tantalizing looks.

Based on the price list of the services (see poster above), the extensions could go as low as P500 and as high as P1,000.  According to my office mates, you can use them even while showering and they could last until two weeks.

Lash in the City which is owned by entrepreneur Bebot Haw is located at the Second Floor office of Mr. Big Shot Indoor Badminton Court, inside the NCCC Compound, National Highway, General Santos City.  (See map above.) It is the compound where one can find Six Blings RestaurantOh-Olang Seafood Resto, San Mig Sports Bar and ICONS Restaurant.

For appointments, please call or text 0906-3600171 or 0932-9812323.  If you want to see how effective LASH IN THE CITY is in transforming ladies’ eyes into those of Bette Davis’, go and visit Bariles at his office and let him introduce you to his officemates.  Then you will see what he means…