Last week, yours truly, Bariles celebrated my 50th Birthday!

Yes, you read it right – 50!  Fifty!  Singkwenta!  Limampu!

I bet most of you readers didn’t know that but yes, I am already half a century old!

Today, Monday in honor of the Chinese New Year being celebrated around the world, I am sharing with you this Chinese-themed poster made for me by Master Erwin Bantilan featuring a photograph of mine lensed by Wizard fotog Apple Greatson for my birthday last week.

I hope you like it.  Kung Hei Fat Boy! Hehehe! 😀

Enjoy the Chinese New Year holiday!!!  Yey!! 😀


A million hugs and kisses to all who greeted me on my birthday, sent messages, called, texted, gave gifts, showered me with lots of love!    And to all who have been part of my life for the past 50 years and have seen me in my best and in my worst states and have still stood by me, I owe you much!

To God Almighty, thanks for this milestone.  Reaching 50 has made me realize how short life is and little I have accomplished.  Hopefully,  I still can catch up soon with the loving support of my family and the friendships I have cultivated all throughout these times.