[dropcap]T[/dropcap]wenty-year old Kyle Jennermann is a Canadian who has been travelling all over the Phillipines for the past year and loving every minute of it that he has been telling the world that he “wants to be a Filipino”.

His blog, www.becomingfilipino.com has chronicled his stay here, while doing things and fulfilling tasks that would make him “Filipino” and adding to this list day by day.


Kulas, as he is fondly called and more well-known, has organized fund-raisers for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban and has been quite good at it since he has amassed a lot of followers already in his social media accouts, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Currently based in Cagayan de Oro, he is on the road  travelling around Mindanao with his motorbike with him, trying to tell the world that the island is not the “must-avoid’ place that outsiders purport it to be.

Earlier this week, he arrived in General Santos City and has been to nearby Polomolok in South Cotabato and in Sarangani.  As with his visits in other towns, the locals here, the Generals, welcomed him with open arms.


Here then are some very recent photos/videos of him that we have borrowed from his Instagram account showing you how much he is enjoying his immersion with the locals here in General Santos City and nearby towns; and how loved he is by his followers in these parts of the country, having had convinced them and us that this foreigner is indeed more Filipino than the most of us.

Thank you Kulas for reminding us how blessed we are to be Mindanaons and how thankful we should be that we are Filipinos.

This is a video of him carrying a giant tuna at the Gen. Santos City Fishport.

Here is a short video he made of his first shot at preparing KINILAW…



Check back for more updates on Kulas journey to becoming a Filipino in Socsksargen.