KCC Mall of Gensan is inviting all job seekers in SoCCSkSarGen to come and check out one of their biggest job fairs ever conducted.

Tomorrow, June 26, 2017, Monday, a public holiday due to the Islam Feast of Eidl Fit’r being declared a non-working holiday in the country, KCC is offering more than a THOUSAND JOBS  at their TRABAHO PARA KAY JUAN JOB FAIR.

The event will be held from 9am – 5pm at the KCC Convention and Events Center.

Now, you might want to know some of the companies who will be there to scout for prospective employees.  Here they are..

1. KCC Malls
2. Biotech Farms, Incorporated
3. Davao South Land Distributors, Inc.
4. Gensan Shaolin Foods Corp.
5. Meetrovi
6. Perfecto Group of Companies
7. Green Leaf Hotel
8. 3ME Manpower Services
9. Globe Telecom
10. SSI
11. Biñas Group of Companies
12. Gladery Fishing
13. Bison Management Corp.
14. Six Eleven Global Teleservices
15. Vicente T. Lao Construction
17. Sueno Group of Companies
18. PNP Special Action Force
19. Matutum Meat Packing Corp.
20. Marbel Universal Trading Inc.
21. Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant
22. Rak & Aco
23. GBMLT Manpower Services
24. Continuous Resources
25. Online Hiring Corporation
26. LRC Manpower
27. Placewell International Services Corp. Gensan
28. Zontar Manpower Services
29. E-GMP International Corp.
30. A. Kanan Manpower Corp.
31. Joseline International Manpower Corp.
32. Maanyag Agency
33. IREKRUT Manpower Inc.
34. DOLE Philippines
35. Washington D.C Distributor
36. Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage
37. Home Solutions Depot Plus
38. Star Bright Office Depot
39. Dadiangas Glass and Construction Depot
40. MCMI-Ford Gensan
41. SMD Manpower Services
43. Sarangani Highlands
44. Sarangani Energy Corp.
45. Lemlunay
46. Frabelle
47. JL Chiongbian Group of Companies
48. Mix n Magic
49. DEP-ED (Senior Highschool)
50. DTI
51. Sunshine Labor Services Cooperative
52. Mindanao Consolidated Coop Bank
53. ALENSI Philippines
54. JKM Golden Plates Corporation
55. Millennium Cars Mindanao Inc. –FORD Gensan
56. Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures, Inc.
57. Southern Ventures
58. Mommy Gina Tuna Resources (MGTR)
59. LYR Group of Companies
60. Rell and Renn Fishing
61. Next BPO
62. UnitedSouthern Quest Dev’t Corp.
63. Muegilitos International Corporation
64. Tateh
65. Hotel San Marco
66. Hyundai Gensan
67. Viajero Motorsales Inc.
68. Mandaue Foam
69. Grab a Crab & Coffee Club 101
70. Washqueens Laundry Station

All of these and more will be hiring qualified job seekers right on the spot.  So if you have been looking for a career-advancement, a job change or just a fitting job matching your credentials, be there at the KCC Mall of Gensan tomorrow.

Who knows?  That could be your lucky day, thanks to KCC Malls!

[quote]Wait there is more.  The first 100 to register will be given freebies along with the first 50 job seekers who will be hired on-the-spot. Woohoo![/quote]