If you happened to watch a movie in one of the six cinemas of the KCC Mall of GenSan lately, you must have noticed something different while viewing a blockbuster and listening to its soundtrack.

The sounds emanating from the action happening on the screen are fuller, more powerful, crispier, richer and seem to envelop you the viewer, from all around the hall.  This is because the 6 KCC Cinemas have been equipped with the state of the art DOLBY DIGITAL SURROUND EX.

With the Dolby Digital Surround-Ex, each moviehouse of KCC has been fitted with 5 audio channels or speakers: 3 front, two back and one sub.  This creates a surround environment, with each speaker independently producing a separate sound.

Thus one hears all the sounds on the movie’s playback, from the minutest drop of a nail to the faintest chirp of a cicada and gets blown away with louder and more bombastic explosions and shoot-outs on screen.

Still, with the much better and enhanced sound quality of their moviehouses, the management of KCC has deemed it necessary to maintain the same price of each admission ticket at P70 (on the average).

This is of course, quite a bargain considering that Robinsons GenSan Movieworld which do not have Dolby Digital Surround-EX charge P81 per viewer.  What they are proud to offer however, are sparklingly new theaters, upholstered and soft reclining seats with movable elbow rests and more legroom plus carpeted flooring.

So if you were to choose, would you rather watch the next blockbuster at KCC Cinemas which are older, offer no frills but are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround-EX audio equipment or the newer, Robinsons Movieworld?