Great news for all nature lovers in SoCCSkSarGen!  We just received news that after a few months of improvements, refurbishing and upgrade and the completion of the first phase of the road concreting project that would make it easily accessible to the public, the Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge, Malungon’s tourism jewel is finally re-opening.  The date: February 8, 2019.

Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge, is situated 2,000 feet above sea level,  and thus gives you a breathtaking 360 degrees view of the valleys below and of the majestic Mt. Matutum on the horizon. Hre, one can enjoy the sunrise on the east and the sunset on the west.

kalonbarak skyline ridge
Young ladies enjoying the scenery, 2000 feet below from atop the KalonBarak Skyline Ridge

For the re-opening, visitors can enjoy more eyes candies like sculptures depicting the different Indigenous Communities making up a large portion of the municipality’s populace, concreted pathways, more fixtures to enjoy the sceneries, and round-the-clock refreshments for tourists.

To mark the occasion, the Tourism Office of Malungon under Tourism Action Officer Clemen La Paz II (Ang Hunk ng Subida Malungon) has prepared an event that they have dubbed, “Kapehan sa Ridge”, celebrating the brewing culture of the indigenous people in the area.

Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge "Kapehan"
Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge’s KAPEHAN SA RIDGE Event on the Reopening

Returning DOT 12 Regional Director, the hardworking Ms. Nelly Dillera will be on hand to witness first hand how much the place has leveled up and no less than the indefatigable Mayor of Malungon, the Honorable Tess Constantino will be showing her around.

We were fortunate to have been given a copy of the programme that we are sharing below.

Kalonbarak Reopening Programme
The KalonBarak Skyline Ridge Re-Opening Programme

We were able to camp here last year under the stars and when we woke up, we were treated to a zumba session which was very welcome considering how cold it was on that day.  This time, we are most excited about the “Yoga in the Sky” activity that the DOT 12 staff have prepared at sunrise.

Kalonbarak Yoga in the Sky
The KalonBarak Yoga in the Sky highlights the reopening of the Skyline Ridge

Visitors are encouraged to sleep today, February 7, prior to the re-opening so they can join this Yoga Session.  Camp sites are available at designated areas under the pine trees lining up the path to the lone old vacation house of the owners at the summit.

The Management will be charging minimal fees for the following:

  • Entrance Fee for Adults — P100 (inclusive of native coffee & souvenir)
  • Entrance Fee for Kids – P50
  • Tent Space Rental – starts at P100++

Here are the complete rates of the rents, cottages and rooms available.  Included here are the corkage rates of food brought into the camp from outside and the price of an order of Adobo or Tinolang Native Chicken.

kalonbarak skyline ridge rates
The Room and Tent Rental Rates of Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge

We are leaving you with more pictures we took last year but watch out for an even more spectacular experience at Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge with the unveiling of new features and attractions.

Make sure to suit up because it will be one lovely chilly day at the reopening of what has become one of Sarangani and SoCCSkSarGen’s top tourism draws.

For more information, check out the Facebook Page of the Malungon Tourism Office.

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Hope to see you up there and be prepared to greet our hosts, “Subida Malungon!

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To get there, just follow this Google Map.