From its very own Facebook Page, the organizers of the Kalilangan Festival 2019 just released the official logo & artwork of the festival to commemorate General Santos City’s 80th Foundation Anniversary.

kalilangan 2019
The Kalilangan Festival 2019 Logo below the official dates

The change marks a departure from the old ones that bore similar artwork types. And this time, the first two syllables “Kali” is separated from “Langan”. The blurb “The Celebration of Us” also figures prominently below the new logo.

The Kalilangan Festival 2019 also starts on the actual 80th Foundation Anniversary date which is February 27, 2019 and ends on March 3. Again, this is a huge adjustment from the old practice of everything culminating on that date.

Still, we are excited for what Kalilangan Festival 2019 has to offer. As General Santos City celebrates its 80th birthday, we are in store for a bigger, better and more inclusive festivity that is truly representative of all the generals.

Happy Kalilangan Festival 2019, everyone.