Just when we were looking the other way, the country’s #1 burger joint was doing some excavating and ground-leveling at one busy intersection in the city for a new branch.

Yes, you read it right.

After their Jollibee Calumpang branch opening, Jollibee has been quietly commencing the construction of their 8th outlet in General Santos City right under our noses at the corner of the National Highway and Mabuhay road.  It sits right exactly at the Parking Lot of the Salazar Family-owned Tokyok’s Bowling Lanes, the only bowling arena of the city.

According to a Jollibee insider, their Jollibee-Mabuhay store (which it will be called) will be open 24 hours thereby making it their second 24/7 outlet in the Tuna Capital.  And yes, it is also their third DRIVE-THRU!

Check out the perspective of this Jollibee-Mabuhay after the jump.

The Mabuhay Road – National Highway area is one of the city’s busiest intersections.  Among the business establishments in the periphery are 5 gasoline stations, 3 automobile outlets/service centers (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai)  and a branch of Mercury Drug, among others.  It also serves as the entry point of the thousands of residents of the many subdivisions and relocation sites in Barangays San Isidro and Mabuhay.

Its strategic location makes it the chice drop-off and pick-up point of the numerous buses and commuter vehicles plying the National Highway.  Its DRIVE-THRU feature augurs well for the passing outbound traffic going to South Cotabato and Sarangani.

Of course, the bowlers at the Tokyok’s Bowling Lanes may also get their burger fix anytime they want since Jollibee is right across them.

Jollibee is indeed 100% right in deciding to open here and making it a 24/7 outlet encourages more investors to pour their money in this strategic northern portion of the Home of the Champions.

See you there when Jollibee Mabuhay opens on the last week of June 2012!

Question:  Where in GenSan do you think should Jollibee open next?  Hit the comment box below for your answers.  Let’s hear you out generals!